Matterport Notes Attachments (uploads)

As a part of the new Notes feature, collaborators can upload files to any space they have edit access to by dragging them into a Note. Files are stored securely in Matterport Cloud, and only logged in collaborators that have access to the space with the files can view or download them.

Please Note:  Notes and Attachments are currently in beta, and may change at any point.

Hosting Limits

Each file uploaded to a space counts towards the total hosting limit for the Organization that owns the space. The hosting limit depends on your plan:

  • Free: 1GB
  • Starter: 5GB
  • Professional: 25GB
  • Professional+: 50GB
  • Business: 100GB
  • Business+: 250GB
  • Enterprise: Contact us
  • All Classic Plans: 1GB

File types

You can upload most types of files, as long as they are under 500MB. Make sure to read the Cloud Subscription Agreement as it has terms that apply to all uploaded content, including attachments.

Going over your limit

During the Notes beta, you may be able to upload more files than allowed by your hosting limits. If you stay over the limit for a longer period of time, we may contact you and ask you to delete files. If you stay over the limit even after we contact you, we may archive the oldest files you have uploaded to keep you under your limit.