Import TruePlan™ into Xactimate® V. X1


  • From the Home Screen, go into Tools, select Import, and click Select Data


  • Click on Sketch Template, select the SKX Files, and click on Import
  • Once the Import Successful window appears, select Close.  


  • Go into the Local, then select the Project


  • Click on Sketch, Options, Load Template, Template List, and select your desired template. (For more than one floors, please see below)
  • Once selected click OK


  • Use your mouse to position the SKX to your desired location in the white space and Click. This will affix it’s position on the page. 


  • If uploading multiple floors, select the + button at the bottom left of the screen. Then repeat the above steps of Load Template, select next SKX File, hit OK. Match up the floors, Click on your mouse to set. 


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