How to Make a Payment (Past Due Balance)

You need to be the Account Owner or the Billing Contact to view and make changes to the Billing section.

Updating your Credit Card

If you've received a dunning letter, please check that the Default payment on file is valid. Common reasons for a payment declining are:

  • Card has expired
  • Card has reached limit
  • Card has been canceled (reported lost or stolen)
  • Card is blocking purchases from Matterport

To add a new credit card, go to > click on your name > Settings > Billing > Payment. When you add a new card, be sure to set as Default.

After the credit card is set, you can wait at least 24 hours for the billing system to automatically try again or attempt to pay now (see below).

Pay Now

In the Account Subscription section of Billing you'll see "Payment Status". 

If you don't have a payment due it will say "Paid in Full" with a check mark. paynow_full.png

It may also say you have a credit available which will be used towards your next invoice.


If there's a payment due, it will say "Past Due balance of (X amount)". If you have any credit, the amount due will have calculated those first. Click on "pay now" to proceed.


If there's a payment due, the Invoices section will show you which invoice is past due. Click on the PDF download option to view.


Confirm Payment

After clicking "pay now", you'll be taken to a confirmation page. It will show you the account and email, repeat how much is due, and show you which credit card will be charged. You may change the credit card at this time, but note that we are only able to charge the card marked as default. When it all looks good, click PAY NOW again. You'll be taken back to your settings page and it will report paid in full.

If the card declines, you will be given an error message. Please check if you are perhaps running into the common reasons for a declined card listed above. If you continue to have trouble making payment, wait 24 hours and try again before contacting Support.


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