Getting Started With The SDK

Our developer community is full of developers who want to expand upon Matterport’s existing capabilities. Matterport offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can integrate Matterport with web applications and enhance the experience around our WebGL 3D player, Showcase. Using Matterport SDK, customers can deeply customize the 3D Showcase experience and build entire applications off of Matterport, enabling many exciting new use cases.

Matterport offers two types of SDKs

  • SDK for Embeds
  • SDK Bundle

SDK for Embeds

With this SDK, developers can

  • Execute actions to control 3D Showcase from their web app. For example, the user clicks a button on a webpage and moves to a specific location in the Matterport Space.
  • Listen to events from 3D Showcase and respond in their web app. For example, play a sound or voiceover when the user goes to a certain location in the Matterport Space.

Learn more about the SDK for Embeds.

SDK Bundle

This self-hosted SDK is an extension of the SDK for Embeds and provides a framework for deep third-party integration with Matterport models. You get direct access to the 3D engine, renderer, scene graph, and more.

Learn more about the SDK Bundle.

Getting Started

By default, all eligible accounts can access and test our developer tools in sandbox mode. Admins can generate sandbox SDK keys in the account settings, under “Developer Tools”. For more information on pricing and sandbox vs production mode, please refer to our pricing and availability.

Please refer to the following resources once your key has been generated.

Note that the SDK is client-side only. Data is not pushed to Matterport servers, nor is it persistent between browser sessions.

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