How do I get a replacement camera?

Matterport cameras have a One Year Limited Warranty from the original ship date to the original owner. Details located at Section 5 of the Terms of Sale

Here are some helpful links to common camera issues. Please check to see if any of these could resolve the issue:

If you think you need a replacement camera, please contact our support team with a detailed description of the issue. 

Other information we will need to troubleshoot and/or proceed with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization):

  1. Serial Number (S/N on bottom of camera)
  2. Name/email of person reporting the issue
  3. Name/Email of the Billing Contact on the account the camera belongs to
  4. Shipping address
  5. Space/model links if the issue presents itself visually in the Showcase

If the camera is out of warranty, an estimated cost of repairs will be provided when the RMA process is started.

Please be aware that if you have a Pro1 (MC200), there are limited repairs we can do.

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