Matterport Pro2 Camera Power Cable Connection

The Matterport Pro2 camera battery is charged through the connection of the included AC power supply adapter. When properly inserted into the camera, the power supply cable is designed to leave about 2.5mm of metal exposed, as shown here:


The ability to wiggle or move the cable while it is plugged in is not an indication that the camera has a defect. The plug should remain inserted and continue to charge the camera when unattended. While the camera is charging, ensure that the AC adapter is securely resting on the floor or a surface near the camera. The camera's power jack is not designed to support the weight of the power adapter.

When the plug is inserted, the camera display will show the charge status on the display for 5 seconds, then shut off. To verify that the camera is still charging, look at the LED surrounding the power button. It will slowly blink while the camera is charging, then double blink when the camera is fully charged. To get a more detailed look at the charge status, press the battery button to turn on the display.

If the cord is loose enough that it falls out on its own and the camera stops charging, please take a quick video of the behavior and submit to our Support team for review. That may be an indication that your camera is due for a repair.

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