Matterport Integration with Encircle

Matterport partnered with Encircle to provide direct integration between your Matterport account and models, and the Encircle solution. Once linked, you can access your models directly from within the Encircle application, at no extra cost.

Account eligibility

The Encircle integration relies on getting access to the Matterport API, which can be found here.

Setting up the connection

Integration between Encircle and your Matterport account comes for free - just follow these simple directions:

  • Visit your account settings, Developer Tools section (Admins only)
  • Request production access and fill out the form - select ‘Encircle’ as your use case
  • We’ll enable your account for Encircle access within 24hrs - you can then come back to generate an API token that you can copy/paste into Encircle
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