Release Notes: Developer Program (5 Nov 2020)

Major Updates

  • Updated the identifiers for the following objects to use a consistent unique id format. Previously they used integer values:
    • AnchorLocation
    • Label
    • Mattertag
    • Measurement
    • PanoramicImageLocation
  • Updated the following coordinates to use the same coordinate system as that for the mesh (seen on location objects).  This change applies to the coordinate system for Measurements and Mattertags.
Object Field API v2020.05.28 API v2020.11.05
startPosition Legacy Workshop




Legacy Workshop Mesh
  endPosition Legacy Workshop Mesh
  endNormal Legacy Workshop Mesh
Label position Legacy Workshop Mesh
Mattertag anchorPosition Mesh (Inverted x) Mesh
  position (deprecated) Mesh (Inverted x) Mesh
  stemNormal Mesh (Inverted x) Mesh
  • Bug fixes: 
    • Fixed bug with measurements using the wrong coordinate system, 
    • Fixed bug translating Mattertag coordinates and the bug with the original Vision transform that caused the x component to be inverted
  • Mutation patchFloor updated to return ModelFloor instead of Model
  • We deprecated the Measurement object in favor of MeasurementPath, while old Measurement queries will still be syntactically valid they will return no data.
  • Skybox tile related information has been removed
  • We changed texture type to quality and type is now a string representing the file format


Other API Changes

  • Added MeasurementPath queries and mutations
  • Added HighlightReel queries and mutations
  • Additional information about placement of photos within a model
  • Exposed information about demo models
  • Added filtering options to several queries
  • Addition of the mp:imagery bundle for purchasing high resolution panoramic images


Other Enhancements

  • Addition of the mp:imagery bundle for high resolution panoramic images
  • Performance improvements
  • Addition of a sandbox mode for demonstrating the API
  • Dedicated developer settings section
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