Enhanced Tour Options for the Highlight Reel

This guide is a continuation of Highlight Reel & Guided Tour in Workshop 3.0 featuring the, currently in beta, enhanced options for the transitions and panning of a Highlight Reel. 


Enter Editing

Once you've added a view as a highlight, you can edit that specific highlight or you can edit the reel as a whole by clicking on the pencil icon above the thumbnails. 



Next you can edit the transitions between the highlights in more detail choosing from Slideshow (fade to blank in between) or Walkthrough (guided tour), plus also the speed of the Slideshow or Walkthrough. 


Remember, if you have a highlight from a 360 view, the transition to those will always be Slideshow. But if you don't have a 360 view and you have Walkthrough chosen, the Slideshow Transition speed is ignored.

Your changes are saved automatically. You can Restore Defaults to start over.

You can then Preview the Highlight Reel to see how it will look before publishing or click Done.


Here you can edit the panning direction, rotation angle, and speed for every highlight.


If you don't have a Dollhouse or Floor Plan view, those speeds will be ignored. 

Again, your changes are saved automatically. You can Preview the Highlight Reel to see how it will look before publishing or click Done. Reverting to defaults will also be an option. 

Individual Highlight vs Highlight Reel Editing

Changes to the Highlight Reel won't affect the edits you make to individual Highlights, but if you make an edit to an individual Highlight, you can click Apply to All to propagate those changed to all the Highlights in the Reel.

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