Matterport Integration with PTC Vuforia

Matterport has partnered with PTC Vuforia to provide direct integration between your Matterport cloud account and Vuforia for the use of Vuforia's "Area Target" feature. Once integrated, you will be able to retrieve the necessary assets directly from Vuforia and use the Area Target for any space that has had a Matterpak purchased and unlocked.

Account eligibility

Area Target relies on getting access to the models' MatterPaks and the Matterport API. Your accounts and models need to meet these requirements.

  • A compatible subscription plan (Professional Plan or above)
  • A Matterport Pro 2 Camera has been used to scan the space. Matterpak data powers the experience, and is only available for spaces scanned with a Pro 2 Camera.
  • You are familiar with the cost of using the Matterport API.

Setting up the connection

Integration between Vuforia (a PTC product) and your Matterport account is easy - just follow these steps:

  1. Visit your account settings, Developer Tools section (admins only). You can generate an API token for testing, for free, with sandbox restrictions.
  2. When using Vuforia's developer license, you need to request for production access of our API
  3. From the Developer Tools section, click the 'Apply for Purchase' button
  4. Fill out the form and select 'PTC/Vuforia' as your use case
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