Matterport API & SDK Developer Tools Overview

Matterport offers API and SDK developer tools to enhance the experiences available with Matterport spaces and data. Key use cases for these tools include:

  • Workflow automation
  • Extension and customization of our 3D player ‘Showcase’
  • Creation of derived assets and new services
  • Integration into 3rd-party software, API and solutions

Matterport offers the following two developer tools:

  • Showcase SDK: The SDK allows you to customize and enhance the experience around our 3D player, Showcase, which is the webGL application that allows one to navigate a Matterport 3D space in a web browser. Click here for an example. Using the SDK commands on your page, you can enhance the end user experience in the following ways:
    • Listen to a lot of events exposing details about the user's navigation in the space (where the user is, position, angle, etc..)
    • Add additional content or overlays
    • Add navigation elements
    • Add a mini-map
    • More the user to a specific location
    • Control the camera
    • Collect information about Mattertags, and use that information to perform actions, such as searching Mattertags
    • Create / edit / delete / move Mattertags

Note that SDK is client-side only. Data is not pushed to our datastore, nor is it persistent (unless you record / store information on your side).

Full Showcase SDK documentation can be found here.

  • Model API: The Model API is a direct system-to-system connection used to connect your back-end system to ours, allowing you to exchange data and perform specific actions on your spaces in our system.
    • Unlike with the SDK, these actions and data changes are persistent as they are performed directly into the Matterport datastore via the API.

Full Model API documentation can be found here. You can even explore the API in the interactive console when logged into your Matterport cloud account as an admin.

Learn about availability and pricing here.

Developer Program FAQs can be found here.

Check out our playground for developers, Matterport Labs, here.

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