Limited Matterport Pro1 Repairs After 31 Jan 2021

As the Matterport Pro1 camera continues to age, we are finding it difficult to source the parts needed to perform all repairs. Therefore, after January 31, 2021 we will be forced to start limiting the repairs that can be done to these cameras to the following.

We will STOP performing the following repair types:

  • Most Sensor Errors
  • Configuration Issues
  • WI-fi Fault Codes
  • Cosmetic Repairs
    • Scratches
    • Dents
    • Damage caused by dropped camera

If possible, we will still service the following repair types:

  • Battery Issues
  • Wi-fi Range Issues
  • Motor or Drivetrain Repairs


We have no plans to drop all support of the Pro1 camera, from either a firmware and software perspective. If your camera is not functioning properly, we will do our best to try and repair it. If we cannot repair your camera, we will work with you to find the best option to replace it.

Please contact Support at if you have questions about repairs.
Please contact Sales at if you have questions about replacement.

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