Matterport Dashboard

What is the Matterport Dashboard?

The Matterport Dashboard is a way for you to see relevant insights about your current activity, track communication from Matterport, and easily discover situationally relevant actions. The Dashboard is your home page for the Matterport Cloud (at You will be taken to the Dashboard first as a new user after you Sign up or join as a collaborator. You will be also be taken there after you Sign in and click either Matterport or the first icon in the top navigation. 


Notification cards will quickly inform you about your Active Space Limit, User Limit, most recently uploaded spaces, and more. 

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Notification Cards

  1. Notification cards will alert you ahead of time if you're close to your Active Space or User Limit. 
  2. A Summary card will make it faster to know how many spaces and users you have without having to go into Settings. 
  3. Any relevant Matterport promotions about your plan will also be shown on a card. 

Complete Core Actions Faster

  1. Uploaded and Edited Spaces: You’ll see a card to find your most recently uploaded spaces as well as the latest edited spaces in your account that you have access to, making it faster to get to spaces that are important to you. 
  2. Account Statistics: You’ll see cards directing you to Account Statistics after you have some visits on your space(s). This makes it more clear how your spaces are doing from a traffic perspective. 
  3. Quickly invite users to your account: You'll see a card to add a user to your account, making it simpler and faster to work with others (depends on your plan, role, and current usage)

Relevant Guidance

  1. For newly signed up customers, we’re excited to introduce relevant guidance on how to create your first space. 
  2. We know sometimes Matterport products and services may not be visible or known, so you’ll see cards describing services such as floor plans as well as cards describing the value available in the next higher subscription. 


Q: What do the color of the backgrounds on the dashboard indicate? 

A: The color of the background indicates your account role. A black background indicates administrator and white background indicates collaborator. 

Q: Can I customize what I can see on the dashboard? 

A: No, the dashboard will serve relevant actions and content for you to use, but it will not be customizable.

Q: Can some cards be dismissed? 

A: Yes, some cards can be. These cards will have ‘X’ in the top right hand corner, making it easy to dismiss. 

Q: Can I see a history of the notice cards that I received? 

A: No, when you dismiss a card, it is dismissed and there’s no place in the product to see the history at this time. 

Q: Will the cards change over time? 

A: Yes. 

Q: What determines the card positions? 

A: We’re evolving this over time. Mainly it is determined by the type of card, the other cards present, and the device you’re using. 

Q: What do the different visual styles of cards indicate?

A: There are three general types of cards -- notices, promotions, and read-outs. This will continue to evolve as we build out the dashboard, but we’re trying to keep these in similar visual patterns to build predictability in what customers see. 

Q: What can collaborators see? Do they see what I am seeing? 

A: Collaborators can see the dashboard, but a version for them. The version of the dashboard that collaborators see does not show them options that they do not have permission for such as to upgrade an account’s plan or buy a camera. 

Q: What is the definition of ‘Newest Spaces’ - what can I expect to see on this card? 

A: The newest spaces card will show a list of the newest spaces added to your account that you have access to, including spaces that are still processing. 

Q: What is the definition of ‘Latest Edits - what can I expect to see on this card? 

A: The latest edits card will show a list of the last edited spaces that you have access to.



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