How to Password Protect a Space

If you want to share a Matterport space with only specific people, but you don't want to add them as Collaborators, you can password protect the space instead. Password protection is a great way to keep your spaces private and only allow certain people to gain access to them.

To password protect your space, follow these steps:

  1. Find the space you want to share from within your Matterport Cloud account
  2. Click on the Share button in the upper righthand corner
  3. Click on the dropdown under Get shareable link
  4. Click on Anyone with the password can view
  5. Enter the password that you would like to use and click on Save

Now, in order for anyone to access that space outside the account, they will be prompted for the password.

Terminology Change

Old New Description
Private Restricted to Collaborators: Link sharing is off 'Private' used to be the name commonly referred to when no external users could access a space. We now refer to that state as 'link sharing off' as it is restricted to collaborators invited to have access to the space.
Public Public: Viewable to anyone We modified the name of this state to make it more clear - pointing out who can access a space when it is in this state.
- Protected: Viewable to anyone with the password This is a new state, in which a password is required for anyone to access the model.


Password Protection FAQ

  • Who can set a password?

    • The space owner, as well as any collaborators with edit access and any administrator that has access to the space
  • Am I responsible for managing the password I set?

    • Yes

  • Can I set multiple passwords for one space?

    • No

  • Can I use any of the Marketplace apps like exporting to Vrbo, GSV, when a space is ‘protected’?

    • No

  • Can I order a floor plan when a space is protected?

    • No

  • Is there a max password length?

    • Yes, there is a 128 character length

  • What’s the number of attempts and how long is the lock out?

    • After 5 failed attempts within a few seconds of each other, the server will respond with "Too many login attempts; please try again in 5 minutes"

  • When a user sets a password, can another user with access to the space see it?

    • No, the set password is not visible in Cloud

  • What happens when a password is set by one user and then another user adds a different password?

    • If one person sets a password, and there is already a password set on the space, the old password will be overwritten and no longer valid

  • What happens when a password is set and then a space is made public?

    • The password is gone, if you go back to password-protected you’d need to set a new password (note: it can be the same as before)

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