How to Connect Two or More Spaces with Mattertags and Deep Links

For many reasons, it may be impossible to scan a complicated property in one space. However, there is a way to connect two or more Matterport spaces with Mattertags and Deep Links that allows a tour to continue from one space to another. This process does not combine the two dollhouses into one, but it will allow you to share the tour with just one showcase link (the main property link). You can accurately show viewers how the two spaces are related.

The basic concept: Use a Mattertag with a Deep Link that leads the viewer to the other model, and a second Mattertag that will return the viewer to the first model. 

Here are some common use cases for this technique:

  • A central house with a detached garage, workshop or outbuilding
  • A duplex with separate entrances that cannot be scanned together because of outside areas
  • A multi-floor office building with no other connection than elevators
  • Large spaces that can’t be scanned in one model due to the Capture app crashing or memory limitations

Would you like to view an example before you begin? Click here to see the Westlake Estate space, and go to the French doors, which leads out to the docks.

Part One: Gathering and editing the Deep Links

Note: Because these deep links are difficult to tell apart, organization is crucial. We recommend you use some kind of text editor program to keep them organized. On a Macintosh, it could be TextEdit or Notes. On Windows, it could be Notepad, Wordpad, or StickyNotes. It saves them in case you need to access them again. This will also allow you to add a URL parameter to smoothly transition from one space to another. 

Open your second space, and go to the scan point that you’d like to be the landing point for the viewer. Choose the facing of the viewpoint, by dragging the view around. 

Hit the 'u' key on your keyboard, which opens the ‘Link to location’ popup. This is what is referred to as a Deep Link. Hit the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button to get the copied deep link on your clipboard. You won’t see anything happen, but the link has been placed on your computer’s clipboard.


Switch to your text editor program and paste in the link. You should make a note that tells you what the link leads to.


  1. Open up your first space, and go to the scan point where you want the viewer to be placed if they choose to return to the first space.  Remember to set the rotation of the view.
  2. Hit the ‘u’ key again, to bring up the Link to Location popup. As you did previously, hit the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button.  
  3. Paste the link into your text document so that you can make a note that it is the returning link.

Optional: For a very smooth transition when going from space to space, you can add a URL Parameter &qs=1 that will cause the new space to fade up, instead of the normal rotation and fly-in. 

This is the Quickstart parameter, and it will make the transition very smooth.

Add this parameter to the ends of both of the links in your text editor:


Part Two:  Adding the first Mattertag with Deep Link

Mattertags will now be added to the two spaces so that the deep links can be pasted in.

Open the first space and go to the point where you’d like your viewers to see the Mattertag. This could be on an exit door, or a staircase, depending on your use case.  In Edit Mode, click on the Mattertag tool. Then hit the ‘+’ button to create the Mattertag:


  • You can then place the Mattertag into the space and clicking will set its location. 
  • In the popup box that you see, you should give it a title that describes what it does. Something like ‘Travel to the Workshop’ or ‘See the upper story’.
  • In the Description box, that’s where you can type ‘Click here to travel to the next space’.
  • Highlight the ‘Click here’ portion of your text before you hit the ‘Add link’ button in the lower left.


Inside the Add link area, two new fields will appear. The Text field shows the words that should have the link attached to it, and when you are finished, they will be underlined.

In the ‘Link to’ field, paste the first link on your text editor document, then hit the Apply button:


The next window should show you a preview of the way the text will be displayed. If it looks like it’s clear to a viewer, Click on Done:


Now, you can see the final presentation when you hover over the circle icon of the Mattertag.

You can now test the link if you wish:


If you aren’t happy with the outcome, you can edit the Mattertag by finding it in the list of Mattertags and under the three dots, you can choose ‘edit’:


That concludes the first Mattertag with Deep Link. Now, if you wish, you should give the viewer the option of coming back to the main house.

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