Restoring a Deleted Space

Matterport's policy has always been to not restore spaces once they are deleted. However, Customer Support would extend an occasional courtesy and restore a space depending on the circumstances. Unfortunately, that courtesy became an expectation of many customers, and the volume of restore requests simply wasn't scalable as Matterport grew over time.

When Matterport came out with the new web plans in March 2019, we addressed that issue with an archiving function. No longer was deleting necessary as part of your space management. If you no longer have a need for a space on a new plan, you simply archive it and it does not count against your Active Space Limit. However, when you need the space back, you just unarchive it and it becomes live again. There is no limit on how many spaces you can have archived.

If you are on a Classic plan, you still have the option of exceeding the Active Space Limit for your plan for a small monthly fee. For example, if you are on the Basic Classic plan, you are allotted 100 active spaces per month. You are allowed to go above 100 and pay a $19 USD overage fee for each additional 50 spaces needed. For more information, please refer to the Price List for Classic Cloud Plans.

Customer Support no longer has the ability to restore deleted spaces. If you think you may ever have a need for one of your spaces in the future, do not delete it, as you will not get it restored. 

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