How to reactivate a previously closed Matterport account

It's a common misconception among Matterport customers that if your account has been cancelled you must make a new one to return to Matterport at a later date, and get your Matterport data back. This is actually untrue - if you need to re-access your cancelled account at a later date, you can do so by following the instructions below. 


Before you begin 

If your account was closed due to non payment, you will need to first clear your balance before restoring your account - to do this, email An agent will reach out to you via phone and walk you through how to pay off your past due balance.

Reactivate your closed Matterport account 

  1. Go to 
    • If your Matterport credentials are saved in your browser settings, this will lead you to a screen that will prompt you to email to settle your bill, as mentioned above. This will only happen if your Matterport account was suspended due to non payment. 
  2. From Matteport's Buy screen, select the plan you'd like to apply to your reinstated account Screen_Shot_2020-06-04_at_10.09.27_AM.png
    • Keep in mind, in order to reactivate your account, you have to subscribe to a new plan - this is not optional. 
  3. Select your plan option and billing cycle payment options Screen_Shot_2020-06-04_at_10.10.16_AM.png
  4. Reference the Order Summary section (to the right) to verify the details of your new plan payment 
  5. Hit the Check Out button
  6. In the screen that opens, click the Sign In tabScreen_Shot_2020-06-04_at_10.12.56_AM.png
  7. Enter the email address and password associated with the account that was previously deactivated to sign back into your account 

Keep in mind, this process will incur a charge to your Matterport account, using the credit card information we have on file. If the card is no longer active, you will need to update your payment method before restoring your account.  

Now that I'm back, what's new? What's different? 

Your account will be reactivated, ready to use, and your previously scanned spaces will be become active again. That being said, what you can do using Matterport will be dependent on the limitations of the plan you selected. So if you selected a Starter plan, for example, you will be able to view your old spaces, but not upload any new ones. 

Remember, if you've reached the threshold of your active space limit, you can always archive spaces in your account to make room for more



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