Installing a prior build of Matterport Capture using Test Flight

What's Test Flight? 

Test Flight is Apple’s distribution mechanism for beta versions of applications. Think of it like an app store for pre-release builds that will eventually be released in the iOS App Store.

Only one version of an application can be available in the App Store at a time. If needed, it is possible to revert to a prior version using Test Flight in limited circumstances.

Test Flight tips and suggestions

Perform a clean install

It is safest to do a clean installation of an older version of Capture when going backwards. Data formats from a newer version may not be compatible with older versions. This is required when moving from Capture 4.0.1 to 3.0.10.

Make backups

When you uninstall an application on iOS, that app’s data is deleted from the iOS device. If you have scan jobs on the device that you need to preserve, make a backup of either that iOS device or the specific scan jobs so that they can be restored in the future when you revert back to the latest build of Capture.

Keep in mind: Test Flight Builds are good for 90 days

Builds expire 90 days after they are initially posted. When a Test Flight build expires, it will no longer launch, but a newer build from either Test Flight or the App Store can be installed over it without losing any data. 

Install from the App Store

You can install the same or higher version of Capture from the iOS App store directly over a prior Test Flight build without uninstalling.

For example, if you have Capture 3.0.10 from Test Flight on your iOS device, you can select Capture 4.0.x from the App Store and install it directly. Similarly if you had Capture 4.0.1 from Test Flight installed, you can switch back to the App Store channel by installing Capture 4.0.1 from the App Store without uninstalling the Test Flight build. Updates will then come from the App Store, not Test Flight.

Steps to revert from Capture 4.0.1 to Capture 3.0.10

  1. Backup all scan jobs on the iOS device
    • Due to database migrations that occur when transitioning from 3.0.10 to 4.0.1, scan jobs cannot be reverted when moving backwards from Capture 4.0.1 to 3.0.10. 
  2. Make sure all incomplete scans have been uploaded for processing
    • This means all of your core scan data will live in the Matterport Cloud, not just the device you're altering. Not only does this ensure your work is not lost, it will facilitate the customer service process should you call or email with questions. 

      How do I make local backups? Try free backup software, like iMazing. You can also use iExplorer if you're a Mac user, or the File Manager if you're a PC user - regardless, each program features a "Jobs" folder in the Capture directory, which you can copy onto any computer. It should then be possible to move these jobs back to a device and fully restore them - we are working out 4.0.1 bugs at the moment to make sure this is possible. 

      Keep in mind, each scan inside the "Jobs" folder has a long, alphanumeric string as a title - it's critical that you don't change these names, as this will make restoring the scans to an iOS device a much more difficult - if not impossible - process. Read more about this procedure in this Help Center article.  

  3. Uninstall Capture 4.0.1 from the iOS device
    • This will delete all existing scan jobs on the device - this is a necessary step to downgrade to version 3.0.10. 
  4. Install Capture 3.0.10 from Test Flight 
  5. On your iOS device, open the Safari web browser
    • It's important to only use Safari, as the simple act of doing so eliminates the need for Test Flight access codes.
  6. In the URL bar, enter: 
  7. Follow the instructions on the page to install Test Flight. 
    • If you are asked for an access code, make sure you've opened the link on the Safari web browser on your phone or tablet. 
  8. Open Test Flight
  9. From the list of builds, select Capture 3.0.10
  10. On the Test Flight Capture home screen, tap Previous Buildspreviousbuilds.png
  11. Select 3.0.10
  12. Tap the Install button 
  13. When installation completes, launch Capture and resume scanning 
    • If you are using a 360° camera such as an Insta360 ONE X, Ricoh Theta Z1 or Theta V, install the Cortex 3D Conversion engine: 

                                a. Open the Matterport Capture app 

                                b. Go to the Settings menu 

                                c. Tap Storage and Firmware 

                                d. Toggle the 3D Conversion switch to On 


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