How to Use Matterport Capture with Ricoh Theta Z1

Matterport Capture can work in conjunction with several other products and applications, including the Ricoh Theta Z1 360° camera, and the Ricoh Theta app, which is available in the Apple App store. Use the following guide to capture a Matterport 3D scan using a Ricoh Theta Z1. 

What you'll need 

  1. The latest version of the Matterport Capture app from the iOS store
  2. A Ricoh Theta Z1 360° camera 
  3. The Ricoh Theta app from the iOS store 

Sync your Theta Z1 with the Theta app 

  1. Make sure your Theta Z1 is fully charged and switched on
  2. Make sure your Theta Z1 is in Wi-Fi mode 
    • To do this, press the button on the side of the camera until the Wi-Fi symbol starts blinking in the viewfinder window. 
  3. Make sure your Theta Z1 is in Photo mode 
    • Press the Mode button on the side of the camera to swap between the camera icon and the video icon. 
  4. Open the App Store and search for RICOH THETA theta.jpg
  5. Tap the Get button to install the application on your device
  6. Upon installation, tap the Theta app to open it
  7. In the Theta app, tap the Shooting button at the center of the screenconnection2.jpg
  8. Tap Registering a new camera
  9. In the window that opens, you'll need to enter your camera's Serial No. serial.jpg
    • This is located at the bottom of the camera, beneath the charging port - it's a combination of ten letters and numbers
  10. This will open a live view finder window - if you can see your environment, your device has been synched to your Theta Z1. pano.jpg
    • If this is confirmed and the synch is complete, close the Theta app and open Matterport Capture. 

Shoot with your Theta Z1 with the Matterport Capture app 

  1. From your home screen, open Matterport Capture
  2. Hit the Settings icon at the top-left corner of the screen
  3. At the bottom-left, ensure your mobile device is connected to your Ricoh Theta Z1 
    • If you followed the steps above, Matterport will automatically make this connection. 
  4. Confirm that Capture is connected with your camera with the message below. Blur.jpg
  5. Now, from Capture's home screen, hit the button to start a new job, and begin shooting

Taking your first scan 

Aside from the setup process, shooting with a Ricoh Theta Z1 is a very similar process to shooting with a Matterport Pro2 - the main difference is that, physically, the Ricoh Theta won't spin 360° during each scan. Follow the instructions in this Capture Your First Scan Support document to start shooting! 

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