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Matterport for iPhone (currently in Beta) within the Capture app 4.0 allows you to create an immersive and visually stunning 3D digital twin with just your iPhone or iPad camera. If you have never created a Matterport space before, this is a great way to try now with the phone you already have.  Capture any small space, a room or your home office, customize it and share with family, friends, and family today.

In this section, we will feature several articles and how-to videos to guide you.

General tips

  1. Be aware of doors in your environment 
    • Close doors to rooms that you don't want to scan. 
    • Open doors to rooms that you want to include in your scan. 
  2. Ensure the lights are on in all spaces you want to scan 
  3. Choose Simple Scan (1-ring) or Complete Scan (3-ring)
    • Whichever scanning method you choose, stick to it for your entire scan. 
  4. Be prepared before your very first shot 
    • Make sure you're in the right position before you start scanning. 
    • Make sure your phone is upright and stable before tapping the Scan button.

Posture tips 

  1. Think of yourself as a tripod 
    • Your front foot is your anchor and shouldn't move - use the big toe of your anchor foot as a pivot point.
       1.png 2.png 3.png
  2. Keep your phone aligned with your anchor foot
    • If your anchor foot pivots right, so should your iPhone. 
  3. Keep your arms close to your chest 
    • This can be a lengthy process - you'll want to be comfortable to ensure your arms don't get tired and that your camera is in a stable position. 
  4. Hold your phone with both hands 
    • Again, the idea is to be stable. 
  5. Follow the aiming target exactly 
    • Don't rush. Make sure that every scan is fully captured (you'll see the image freeze for a moment, indicating the scan is finished) before moving onto the next position. 
    • Patience will prevent your targets from "skipping" frames. Remember, you want each image to flow into one another, fluidly. 
  6. Tilting up and down in 3-ring mode
    • You may feel naturally inclined to move your arms in 3-ring mode, as you'll have to scan higher and lower fields of view. Try to avoid doing this - tilt your phone in the direction of the targets, but don't reach for them. 
  7. Stay centered in 3-ring mode 
    • Always start a 3-ring scan in the "center" ring, and make sure this ring is fully complete before moving onto the upper and lower rings. 
  8. Step around your anchor foot 
    • Remember, your anchor foot is a tripod, and shouldn't move. Use your other foot to complete the 360° spin. 

Troubleshooting issues 

  1. Target "skips" a frame in the scan 
    • Click the Undo button to reorient. 
    • You can also always tap the X (top-right) button to cancel the scan and start over. 
  2. Minimap scan placement is out of alignment 
    • Use the "Fix Misaligned Scan" feature in the options menu 

Things to remember 

  1. Do not tilt your iPhone toward the next target area before the current scan is complete
  2. Move your body around your phone
  3. In 3-ring mode, complete the center scan before moving onto the upper and lower rings1-ring1_1.png
  4. If the scan calibration seems off, it's probably because you are moving your iPhone too quickly 
  5. You can hit the Undo button if one of your scans seems misaligned in relation to the others 
  6. You can entirely cancel out of a scan at any time and try again
  7. You can calibrate your device's camera 
    • Take a picture with your iPhone's camera app to calibrate. Then open Capture and begin scanning. 
  8. Make subtle movements 
    • The idea is to tilt, not reach or swing. 
    • Moving your iPhone drastically during your 360° rotation will cause the aiming target to skip regions of your scan - this results in scans with "empty" spaces, which you want to avoid. 
    • Remember, if this happens during your scan you can hit the Undo button to try again. 
  9. Be aware of areas with lots of counters and or cabinets 

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