Matterport for iPhone FAQ

The basics 

What is a digital twin?


A digital twin is a dimensionally accurate 3D digital representation of a built space (like a residential or a commercial building). Matterport’s powerful all-in-one 3D data platform lets you turn any physical space into an accurate and immersive digital twin. Check out some examples in our 3D Model Gallery.

How can I capture a space to create a digital twin?

You'll need a camera to scan spaces. Matterport works with a wide range of digital cameras, including the gold standard in 3D capture: the Matterport Pro2 camera. Matterport also works with a select list of third-party 360° cameras.

The camera you choose depends on your immediate needs, as well as your growing needs over time. Matterport has introduced the newest supported capture device, and it's part of the new Capture App version 4.0 available from the App store.

For the first time ever, you can create a 3D digital twin just using the iPhone in your pocket, without the need for a connected camera. If you own an iPhone 6S (or higher model) of an iPhone (or an iPad), you can start today. See below for any questions you may have or visit our Matterport for iPhone support hub


Matterport for iPhone - General questions 

When would I use Matterport for iPhone versus other capture methods the Pro2 or 360° cameras?

The Pro2 Camera is the gold standard for 3D capture with exceptional dimensional accuracy and stunning image quality for all types of spaces, big and small. 360° cameras are perfect for capturing smaller spaces where the highest accuracy isn't required.

iPhone Capture is a great choice when a special camera is not readily available, not feasible, or you are not ready to commit to purchasing one yet. Simply use the phone you have and create a digital twin that is comparable to a 360° camera's image quality, or even better, depending on your phone’s camera resolution.

iPhone capture taken with an iPhone 11 Pro  

Some applications where Matterport for iPhone may be a good fit are (but not limited to):

  1. Professionals in all industries seeking to try out the Matterport platform by scanning their own space and using Matterport Workshop to edit and share their models. 
  2. Real estate professionals who are just starting out and want a low-cost way to add true 3D virtual tours to their listings.
  3. Vacation or residential rental property owners who want to add scans to their rental listings without having to invest in a camera.
  4. Members of general contracting crews who need to take a quick scan of a room to document their work, or to capture a problem area that needs more discussion or collaboration.
  5. Members of restoration contractor crews who need to document progress in order to get paid faster by insurance carriers.
  6. Homeowners who wish to take quick and early scans of damage to their homes to serve as documentation for insurance claims.
  7. Homeowners who wish to send a 3D digital twin of their home to a service provider (painter, cleaner, contractor, etc) - this allows them to generate a more accurate quote. 
  8. Interior designers can capture a space and take it with them to make sure furnishings fit.

I own a Pro2 camera, why would I use Matterport for iPhone?

The Matterport Pro2 camera is the gold standard for high resolution and accuracy. That being said, there is almost always a finite amount of Pro2 cameras on any given shoot. On top of that, you may be missing the accessories and sheer number of team members who know how to scan with our platform. 

Capturing scans with your iPhone empowers every member of your team to be able to create a quick digital twin whenever they need to. Matterport for iPhone also empowers your customers to capture their environments and share them in order to accelerate use cases. 

I own a 360° camera, why would I use Matterport for iPhone?

Both 360° cameras and your iPhone are portable and can create great quality scans. The major difference is that using a 360° camera means arriving at the site loaded with equipment - not just enough for a single person, but enough for a team of people. 

Your iPhone, on the other hand, is always in your pocket, and there's a major chance that your team members have an iPhone in their pockets too. 

Is there a new and separate app for Matterport for iPhone?

No, Matterport for iPhone is bundled into the latest build of the Capture app (4.0) as a beta feature. We'll release the full version of Matterport for iPhone once we've gathered enough feedback from the community. The new Capture app is also compatible with other capture devices, including the Pro2, third-party 360° cameras, and the BLK 360. 

Matterport for iPhone - Device compatibility and equipment

Which iOS devices can be used?

Matterport for iPhone can be used if you have an iPhone 6S or higher, or an iPad Air 2 or higher. Generally speaking, any iOS device with more than 2GB of RAM (or more) should support Matterport for iPhone. 

The best results, however, will come from iPhones with "ultra-wide field-of-view" camera lenses. These lenses are only included with the iPhone 11 (and higher) - if you've got a newer phone, scanning will require fewer shots and will improve your models alignment. 

Can I use an iPad?

Yes, but the location of the camera lens makes it challenging to align shots. It is not recommended as a capture device without the use of a tripod or monopod to help the user rotate around the iPad’s camera. Learn more about aligning shots in this Help Center article

Do I need a tripod or a monopod?

You don't need one, but a mono/tripod can make scanning easier (to prevent tired arms on big jobs) and improve the quality of the model (by reducing movement of the camera, which improves alignment). You can even use a household item - like a broomstick - if you do not have a monopod.

The new Matterport Capture app 

How can I get the Capture app that supports Matterport for iPhone?


Matterport for iPhone is bundled into the latest version (4.0) of the Capture app. Current users will get an update notification encouraging them to download the latest version of the app. As of today, all new Capture users will have Matterport for iPhone installed. Click here to download the latest version of Matterport Capture from the iOS store

I noticed that Matterport for iPhone has a Beta tag on it - why is it in beta and what will be different when it is no longer in Beta? Should I just wait until then?

This is a new technology that is not ready for general availability. We are releasing it in public beta now in order to allow our customers to experiment with the technology and give us feedback. We would also like our customers to explore how they would use the technology in their business and personal life. We will continue improving over time.

Will this be available for Android? 

We are working on Matterport for Android - if you're interested in tracking our progress, sign up for the Android Beta and try it for yourself.

Any feedback from customers should be submitted to

Matterport for iPhone - Success guidance 

What is the secret to creating a great 3D model with the iPhone?

This depends on two factors:

    1. Which scanning mode you choose 
    2. The type of iPhone you're shooting with 


For best results, the person doing the scan must rotate around the phone rather than the phone rotating around the person. In other words, the phone will not move in space other than to rotate, and the person scanning should rotate around the phone.

Also, the type of iPhone use impacts the quality of the model. iPhones with an “ultra wide field of view” camera lens, such as the iPhone 11, require fewer shots, which in some cases can improve the alignment within the model. This also means that the scanning process goes faster using an iPhone with an ultra-wide field-of-view.

Last, especially for larger spaces, usage of a monopod or a tripod can make scanning easier (to prevent tired arms on big jobs) and improve the quality of the model (by reducing movement of the camera which can improve alignment). You can even use a household item like a broom stick if you do not have a monopod.

I have noticed there are two scan modes, Simple and Complete. Which mode do you recommend?

Depends on the size and type of the space, what you will use the digital twin for, and the time you have to capture. Let's go over both shooting methods.


Simple Scan (1-ring capture) 

The Simple Scan method uses one, 360° full rotation (1-ring) to capture the space - though this is the faster of the two methods, it also has the smallest vertical field of view. This means you will encounter blurry areas at the tops and bottoms (ceilings and floors) of your scans. This is not an ideal method if you're scanning a property with high ceilings, or wish to capture ceiling details. 

The Simple Scan method should be used if you have an iPhone 11 or higher, as these cameras feature ultra-wide field-of-view lenses. The iPhone 10 and below do not have this feature built in, making the Complete Scan method a superior choice. 

Complete Scan (3-ring capture) 

The Complete Scan method uses three, 360° full rotations (3-ring) to capture the space - though this method takes longer to scan, it provides a wider vertical field of view by capturing the middle, upper, and lower sections of the space. This is the superior method if the space you are scanning has high ceilings, or if you wish to capture ceiling details.

The Complete Scan method is a better option if you're using an earlier version of the iPhone (iPhone 10 or lower), and is better suited for rooms and smaller spaces. 

Is there a support page?


There are several Matterport for iPhone support pages, which are listed below: 

  1. Getting Started 
  2. Using Matterport for iPhone 
  3. How-to Videos & Tips

Matterport for iPhone - SaaS plan questions 

Which Matterport SaaS plans work with Matterport for iPhone? 

All subscriptions (Classic and New).

Do iPhone models incur processing fees on a classic plan?

For the duration of the beta, processing fees for SCP models on classic plans will be free.

Will models made with Matterport for iPhone count against model count?


Will models made with Matterport for iPhone be counted against hosting limits in Classic plans?


What can I do with models created via Matterport for iPhone?

You can embed and share your model, publish it to Google Street View, Realtor &, and VRBO/HomeAway. 

I have a free account, and could not share my models before with the 360° camera, is it possible with the Matterport for iPhone?

Yes, during the beta period, you will be able to share, embed, and Publish to Google Street View,, and VRBO/HomeAway.

Matterport for iPhone - Additional questions 

Need support using Matterport for iPhone? 


How does Matterport for iPhone model quality and resolution compare to other 360° cameras?

Depending on the iPhone version, resolution will be comparable or may even be better. The alignment and mesh quality will depend on the user's ability to use diligent techniques during the capture process. This means rotating around the camera as it remains stationary, which is why using a tripod or a monopod can make a huge difference in the quality of your scan. 

What is the dimensional accuracy of iPhone Capture models?

This will mostly depend on the user’s ability to capture the space as explained above. That being said, a good quality iPhone model is expected to have similar dimensional accuracy as the 360° cameras.

How can I provide feedback to Matterport during the beta?

Use this email to submit feedback:

Can I tell which models have been captured with an iPhone vs. other devices?

Not at this time. 

Won't Matterport for iPhone make it harder for professional photographers to do their jobs? Is Matterport for iPhone de-emphasizing support for pro photographers? 

Using Capture on iPhone is just another tool in the widening arsenal of features we offer, and was developed for Matterport users who want to capture and share spaces, but can't afford to pay a photographer or buy a Pro2. No shooting method replaces the accuracy and visual fidelity of shooting with a Pro2 - this is just a quicker, easier option for those who want to experiment with what Matterport has to offer, using the device in their pocket. 

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