Try Matterport Capture on Android (Beta)

This is a pre-release (Beta) build of the Matterport Capture app for Android - if you've got a supported device (which we'll touch on later), you can use it to scan and create 3D spaces. This article will walk you through the requirements needed to try our beta build on Android. 

Before you begin 

  1. Create an active Matterport account (if you don't already have one) 
  2. Check the list below to see if you have a supported Android OS version and device 
  3. Sign up to use the Beta version of Capture 
    • Keep in mind, we are not in public Beta, meaning this testing period is not available to everyone. Yet. 
    • When signing up, please provide the email address that is associated with your Google Play Store account. 
  4. Await instructions 
    • We will be rolling this out in select groups of users over time.  
    • We will email you instructions on getting started, as well as some helpful tips and optional short surveys. 

You can share all questions, suggestions and feedback at 

First time using Matterport Capture? 

Matterport's Help Center guides can teach you how to scan, edit, and share your spaces with others. 

Supported devices and minimum requirements 

Supported cameras 

  1. Matterport Pro2 3D camera 
  2. Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D camera 
  3. Insta360 ONE X 
  4. Ricoh Theta Z1 
  5. Ricoh Theta V 

Not supported (yet)

  1. Original Matterport Pro2 3D camera 
  2. Leica BLK360 
  3. Smartphone Capture

Minimum device requirements 

  1. Android OS 
    • 8.X (Oreo) 
    • 9.X (Pie) 
    • 10.X (Q) 
  2. 2 GB of RAM or more
  3. Android devices certified by Google and unrooted 

Due to the sheer volume of Android devices and customizations, we cannot test every device and configuration - we will continue to add to the compatibility list as we continue through the development process. We will be using the Beta testing period to identify and address issues. 

Latest Beta build (version 84) 

Our current build exists in the Beta channel of the Google Play Store - it's designated as 1.0.0_v84

Known bugs 

  1. Intermittent crashes 
  2. Disappearing scan progress indicator 
    • You may notice that your circular scan progress indicator disappears during your scan - not to worry, everything is completing normally. To reenable your indicator, exit the scan you're taking (return to the scan job menu with thumbnails), open the job again, and resume scanning. 
  3. Alignment times 
    • Alignment times will increase as you continue to scan. 
  4. Jumping back to scan #1 
    • After a scan aligns on the minimap, Capture may realign your position to scan #1 (as opposed to remaining at the most current scan in view). 
  5. Minimap zoom levels 
    • Zoom levels on the minimap are not yet optimized - depending on the device you're using, you may notice your minimap is too zoomed out. 
  6. Missing 360° views after upload 
    • After processing, 360° views don't show up in the completed model, and/or are not visible inside Workshop. 

Features not yet implemented

360° Views

    1. 360° View support for Pro2
      • You cannot yet capture a 360° View using the Pro2 and Pro2 Lite - only 3D captures are supported at this time. 
    2. 360° placement 
      • 360° placement is not yet implemented on any Android device - if you're looking at a 360° View in your gallery and tap "Place on Map", nothing will happen. 
    3. Conversion of placed 360° Views 
      • You cannot yet convert your 360° into 3D scans, or align the model. 

Important note: 360° Views are supported by the Theta Z1, Theta V, and Insta360 ONE X. 


  1. Settings bugs 
    • The sound toggle switch does nothing.
    • The Show Grid toggle does nothing. 
    • Grid units will always appear, and will always appear in meters - this can't be changed currently. 
    • The Visual Alignment toggle does nothing.
    • The Use mobile data for background uploads toggle does nothing.  

Mobile data 

  1. No mobile data support for model uploads 
    • Make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi when using the Android Beta. You may be able to download the weights file using mobile data, but that's it for now. 

Required setup 

  1. Install Capture from the Google Play Store 
    • After we enable your Beta account, we will send you an email notification that will take you to the proper area of the Google Play Store to download and install the Capture Beta for Android. 
    • We'll be expanding this Beta to more users over time. 
    • If you have multiple emails associated with your Google Play Store, Capture will only appear in the account that you provided on the Beta signup sheet. 
  2. Adversely, you can go to the Google Play Store, tap on the Beta tab, and search for Matterport - see below.
  3. Sign into your Matterport account in your Beta Capture build
  4. Download and enable the Cortex 3D Conversion engine - follow the steps below

               a. Open the Matterport Capture application 

               b. Tap Settings 

               c. Tap Storage & Firmware 

               d. Switch the toggle labeled 3D Conversion to On

                          If you've used Capture before, this may have already been switched on. 

                       ◦   If you skip either step two or step three, you will be prompted to sign in and                                   download the engine - this will also happen if you're using a non-Matterport
                             360° camera, like the Theta Z1, or ONE X. 



To avoid being redundant, check out our Matterport Quick Start Guides for the Pro2, and supported 360° cameras. These guides will introduce you to the ins and outs of scanning a space. 


Can I try the Matterport Capture Android Beta on [this device]? 

There are literally thousands of Android devices, which obviously means we can't test this Beta on every single one of them. As a general rule, if your device has Android OS 8.0 (or higher) and has 2GB (or more) of RAM, you should be able to download and install the Beta in the Google Play Store. If you meet the criteria and still can't install the Beta, please let us know at 

Is the Capture for Android Beta available in OEM stores?

OEM app stores - like the Samsung Galaxy Store, or Huawei AppGallery - will not have the Capture Beta. Currently the Beta is only available in the Google Play Store. 

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