How to Use Matterport VR on Android

Matterport VR can be accessed via Android devices, but this is no longer officially supported. See here for officially supported VR devices: Exploring Matterport Spaces in VR

Use Matterport VR on Android with Google Cardboard 

You will need 

  1. An Android handset with the latest OS install 
    • If you are unable to update to the latest Android OS, your device will not work with VR. 
  2. Google Cardboard VR headset
  3. Google Chrome Android web browser 


  1. Download and install the latest version of Google Chrome for Android from the Google Play Store
  2. Open Google Chrome 
  3. Go to and login to your Matterport account 
  4. Find the model you want to view in VR, and tap to open it in Showcase Screenshot_20200226-020540.png
  5. Hit the play button
  6. Tap the ellipses icon at the bottom right corner of the Showcase window 
  7. Select the VR icon
  8. In the menu that appears, tap the Enter VR button Screenshot_20200225-061224.png
  9. Horizontally orient your phone (with the volume buttons pointed at the floor), and place it into Google Cardboard's folding compartment
    • Secure the phone in place with the velcro clasp on top of the headset IMG_1793.jpg
  10. While inside Matterport VR, look in all directions to view the space 
  11. Anchor your selection icon at the blue hotspots to move through the spaceScreenshot_20200225-061741.png 
    • You will need to keep your selection circle fixed on the hotspots until they become green. 
  12. To exit the model, remove the phone from the Google Cardboard headset and tap on the X icon at the top left of the screenScreenshot_20200225-061920.png

Note: If you want to share your space with others, we suggest copying the Showcase link URL from Chrome - sharing this link will allow other users to view the space in VR on Android using Google Cardboard. To do this, navigate to the Showcase model in Google Chrome, tap once on the URL bar, tap the Share Screenshot_20200226-021048.pngicon in the URL window, and tap Copy to clipboard

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