How to Use Matterport VR on iPhone (legacy)

Matterport VR can be accessed via iPhone so long as you have supported equipment. 

Note: The Matterport VR for iPhone app is no longer officially supported. The APIs needed for the app to work are no longer supported by Apple. Therefore, we have removed the Matterport VR app for iOS from the App store. If you previously downloaded the app, it may work on older iOS versions, but will not work on iOS 14 and later. The below instructions are legacy. Please see what our current supported VR platforms are HERE.

Use Matterport VR on iPhone

You will need 

  1. An iPhone 7 or higher
  2. The Matterport VR app for iOS
  3. Google Chrome web browser 
  4. Google Cardboard VR headset 


Note: The instructions below are all performed on your iPhone.

  1. Download and install the latest version of Google Chrome for iOS from Apple's App Store 
  2. Download and install the Matterport VR app from Apple's App Store 
  3. Open Google Chrome 
  4. Go to, and login to your Matterport account
  5. Find the model you want to view in VR, and tap to open it in Showcasevr1.jpg
  6. Hit the play button
  7. Tap the ellipses icon at the bottom right corner of the Showcase window 
  8. Select the VR icon
  9. Tap the Google Cardboard icon to open the model in Matterport VR vr5.jpg
  10. Horizontally orient your iPhone (with the volume buttons pointed at the floor), and place it into Google Cardboard's folding compartment 
    • Secure the phone in place with the velcro clasp on top of the headset.IMG_1793.jpg 
  11. Once the app opens, the model will automatically begin downloading - wait for it to finish
  12. Anchor your selection circle at the open door icon vr4.jpg
    • You will need to keep your selection circle fixed on the icon until the yellow bar fills and turns green
  13. While inside Matterport VR, look in all directions to view the space 
  14. Anchor your selection icon at the blue hotspots to move through the space 
    • You will need to anchor your selection circle on each blue hotspot until it becomes green. 
  15. Have a look at your feet 
    • This will allow you to return to the main menu, or view the floors in the model. vr7.jpg

Note: If you want to share your space with others, we suggest copying the Showcase link URL from Chrome - sharing this link will allow others users to view the space in VR so long as they have an iPhone 7 or higher and Google Cardboard. To do this, open the model in Google Chrome for iOS, hold your thumb over the URL bar to select the entire line of text, and tap Copy.


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