Troubleshoot Common Error Messages While Scanning

Common error messages while scanning 

Capture app errors, warnings, and troubleshooting steps 

"Alignment error" / "No alignment. Scan again, closer to previous scans." 

Try the following steps to troubleshoot alignment error messages. 

  1. Move the camera a few feet closer to the previous scan 
    • Data from the new scan will overlap with the previous scan's data. 
  2. Mark windows and mirrors
    • Mark all other highly reflective surfaces as well (like a stainless steel fridge)
  3. Keep object consistency 
    • If objects (like chairs) were moved in the middle of your scan, move them back to where they were in your initial scans, then scan again. 
  4. Be careful when scanning under the following conditions 
    • Bright sunlight 
    • Wide open spaces (with large square footage) 
    • Outdoors 
    • Spaces with repetitive geometry and architecture 
    • Spaces with very few distinguishable visuals (like an empty factory) 
  5. Use unique objects to assist alignment
    • If you're scanning in an environment with little or no distinguishable visuals, you can use your own so that Capture can differentiate between separate areas of your space. 
  6. Make sure lighting conditions are consistent 
    • Try to keep the lighting of your space consistent. If you have scans with drastically different lighting conditions, scan over them once you've tweaked the light. 

"Low certainty. Verify or delete scan." 

Look at your preview window to verify that your scans appear to be in the correct position. If everything looks correct, continue scanning. If scans are appearing in the wrong parts of your preview map, delete those scans and try again. 

"Camera unstable. Tighten mount or tripod." 

Tighten both the mount and the tripod and scan again. If you continue to get the error message, make sure you are using the right type of mount (not a ball-joint). 

"Camera calibration error" 

This usually means that your scans are completing, but with poor visual fidelity - check the visual quality of your model in Showcase after uploading to Matterport Cloud. If your scans aren't clear, or if you continue to receive this error message, contact support.

Other issues and troubleshooting steps 

The Matterport Capture app is frozen. 

  1. Open your list of active apps
    • Double press the home button on your device. 
    • If your device doesn't have a home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Find the Matterport Capture app, and swipe up to close 
  3. Close all other unused apps 
  4. Return to the home screen and open Capture again

I can't connect to my camera 

  1. Make sure the camera is turned on 
    • The Pro2 will automatically shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity. 
  2. Make sure the camera is fully charged
    • On a full charge, try reconnecting the device to the camera. 

It's taking a long time to connect to the camera 

  1. Turn the camera off and on again
    • The LCD screen will say "Camera warming up". The camera takes up to 45 seconds to fully warm up. 
  2. Close and reopen the Matterport Capture app

I lost connection to my camera 

  1. Make sure the camera is on 
  2. Make sure the camera is fully charged 
  3. Make sure you're connected to the camera's WiFi
    • If you move out of range, the connection will drop and your device will switch to mobile data, which heavily fluctuates.
  4. Check the signal strength of your WiFi connection 
  5. Move your device closer to the camera 
  6. Try turning off the following 
    • Bluetooth 
    • Cellular data 
    • Microwave ovens 
    • All other WiFi networks (if possible)  

The capture button is "grayed out" and doesn't respond when I tap it 

You have likely lost connection to the camera - try reconnecting your device to the camera.

The camera is not rotating 

  1. Force quit the camera
    • To do this, hold the power button for five seconds. Then wait a few seconds and try turning the camera back on. 


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