How to Use Matterport VR on Oculus Go

Use Matterport VR with Oculus Go 

You will need

An Oculus Go VR headset and bluetooth controller 


  1. Power on your Oculus Go, and put it on 
  2. From the home screen, select Settings, and connect your headset to WiFi 
  3. Return to the home screen and select Browserbrowser.jpg 
  4. Navigate to, and log in to your Matterport account using the bluetooth controller
  5. Select the model you want to see in VR using the rear trigger on the bluetooth controller 
    • Use the touch pad at the top of the controller to scroll through your lists of spaces. 
    • The space will need to be set to Public in order to view. 
  6. When the space is open, select the View in VR iconloadspace.jpg
  7. In the window that pops up, select the Enter VR button using the rear trigger on the bluetooth controller
  8. Look in all directions to view the space 
  9. Point your selection icon at the blue dots to move through the space - press the rear trigger to move from dot to dot
  10. To exit the model press the Oculus button on the bluetooth controlleroculus1.jpg
  11. In the menu that appears, select Quit 

    Note: If you wish to share published Matterport spaces from our gallery in VR, you can. Head over to the Oculus Store and download the Matterport VR App. This will give you instant access to over 150 Matterport models  - these samples are a great way to give other users a general idea of what a 3D VR model looks like. That being said, the Matterport VR app will not allow you to see your personal scans in VR

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