Matterport Quick Start Guide - 360° Cameras

1. Set up your 360° camera 

Gather all equipment and software 


360° Camera 

Keep in mind, if you are using the Insta360 ONE X, ONE R or ONE X2, you must insert a formatted SD card before scanning. The Ricoh Theta cameras have dedicated internal storage and do not require or support a removable SD card.



1/4" - 20 screw mount 


Supported Apple iPad or iPhone or Android Phone or Tablet

  • iPhone 6s or newer 
  • iPad Pro, 6th generation, Air 2, or newer
  • Android:
    • 8.0 or higher
    • 3GB RAM or higher
    • Google certified, unrooted, 64-bit architecture

Matterport Capture App

Download Matterport Capture from the iOS App Store

Download Matterport Capture from the Android Play Store


Get assembled 


Five feet (1.5 meters) high - make sure the tripod legs are stable. 


Attach the 360° camera to the tripod 

Make sure the camera is securely fastened. Turn on the camera and ensure that WiFi is turned on.


Pair your mobile device with your 360° camera  

  1. On the home screen tap the Settings icon 
  2. Tap Wi-Fi 
  3. Select your camera's Wi-Fi network to connect 

2. Scan a Space 

Scan your first 3D model 

  1. Open the Matterport Capture app on your mobile device 
  2. Hit the icon at the bottom right of the screencreatenewmodel.jpg
  3. In the window that opens, fill out the optional description fields 
    • You can always fill out this information later if you want to get to scanning quickly. 
  4. Tap Save to continue  
  5. Choose your starting point
    • A common first choice is the foyer of the property. 
  6. Tap "Capture 3D Scan". 
    • Make sure to leave the general area during the capture process - the cameras capture the entire scene at once, and will capture you as part of the model. 
      • capturescan.jpg
  7. Choose the next placement point for your camera
    • Move the camera five to eight feet (1.5-2 meters) from your starting point. 
    • Make sure there is a clear line of sight to your starting point - the only way for the app to align the images is to use previous scans as visual reference. 
    • You can Preview your scans in the preview window as you capture. preview.jpg
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the property has been scanned. 

 3. Upload your Scan (and next steps) 

Review and upload 


Finished scanning? 

Turn off the camera, then connect your mobile device to the internet.


Mark all windows and mirrors 

Use the "trim" tool to crop out excess scan data for a clean finish. Make sure to place trim markers just outside of exterior walls - this will ensure you don't cut the walls out of your model. 


Log into Matterport Cloud from Capture 

If you haven't registered an account, you can create a free account from within Capture.



Tap the "Upload" button to send the model to Matterport Cloud for processing. 


What's next? 

Matterport will construct a 3D space out of your scans, then email you when processing is complete. This usually takes a few hours - you can always log in to to view your spaces at any time. 

Learn more 

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