How to Back Up and Restore Matterport Scan Data (Apple OSX)

If you are an intrepid Matterport user, you may find that after taking a great deal of scans, you will begin to bump against the storage limit of your iOS device. This means you'll have to delete some models to continue scanning. If that's the case, we suggest backing up your scan data and saving it locally to your PC or Mac's hard drive - follow the steps below to learn how. 

Before you begin 

You will need the following applications and hardware to back up your Matterport scan data: 

  1. An iPad with the latest version of Matterport Capture installed
  2. Apple's latest OS, Catalina
  3. iExplorer 4 
    • You can download and try iExplorer for free (on your laptop or desktop computer) here
  4. A laptop or desktop computer

Why iExplorer 4?

We've used iExplorer (download link) for a few years and have featured it in some of our instructional YouTube videos in the past, some of them structured specifically around the topic we're exploring now. That being said, there are a wealth of back up and restore applications on the internet, and most of them, like iExplorer and iMazing, will let you perform your first back up for free. 

Regardless of your choice, at its core, the process is conceptually simple: dragging files from one place to another, or simply deleting them altogether. The instructions below will focus on iExplorer's interface, but the process should be similar regardless of which application you're using. 


First time tasks 

Following these steps will ensure that iExplorer4 can access your iOS device. 

  1. Plug your iOS device into your Apple computer via USB cable. 
  2. Open your computer's Finder window. 
  3. Select your iOS device from the menu to the left. 
    • If this is the first time plugging in your iOS device, you will be asked to "Trust" the device. 
  4. Hit the blue Trust button to continue.Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_10.17.28_AM.png 
  5. This will create a Trust This Computer message on your iOS device's home screen. 
  6. Tap Trust on your iOS device. 
  7. Enter your iOS device's password to continue. 
  8. In your computer's Finder window, you will be prompted to Sync your iOS device
  9. Click "Get Started". Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_10.21.16_AM.png
  10. In the window that opens, check the Encrypt local backup option in the middle of the screen. 
    • This will prompt you to enter your computer's password to continue. 
  11. Hit the Back up all of the data on your iPad to this Mac button. 
  12. Check the box that says Automatically sync when this iPad is connectedScreen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_11.03.38_AM.png
  13. Hit the Apply button at the bottom-right corner of the window. 
  14. Unplug your iOS device and plug it back in. 

Back up scan data from your iOS device to your computer 

  1. Make sure your iOS device is plugged into your Mac via USB cable. 
  2. Open iExplorer. 
  3. Hit the Apps dropdown in the menu to the left. Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_11.28.47_AM.png
  4. Double click the Matterport Capture icon. Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_11.30.51_AM.png
  5. In the window that opens, select all files designated with a DB prefix. 
  6. Select the Jobs folder as well. 
    • To select files simultaneously, hold down the command key while making your selections. Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_11.35.13_AM.png
  7. Create a new backup folder on your desktop. 
    • In this instance, the folder is named "Backup". 
  8. Drag the selected files into the folder. Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_12.19.24_PM.png
    • Because the naming structures of your jobs appear to be seemingly random, we recommend organizing jobs in this folder by Date Modified - this will match the same orders as the models listed in your Capture home screen.


 Delete backed up data from the Matterport Capture app 

  1. Open iExplorer. 
  2. Hit the Apps dropdown in the menu to the left. Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_11.28.47_AM.png
  3. Double click the Matterport Capture icon. Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_11.30.51_AM.png
  4. Select the files you want to delete, control click, and hit DeleteScreen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_12.38.34_PM.png

Transfer backed up data back to the iOS device  

If, at a later date, you want to transfer the deleted files back to your iPad, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Open iExplorer. 
  2. Hit the Apps dropdown in the menu to the left. 
  3. Double click the Matterport Capture icon. Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_11.30.51_AM.png
  4. Go to your desktop and open the folder with your backed up scan data. 
    • In the example in this article, that's the Backup folder created in the previous step. 
  5. Select the data you want to transfer back to your iOS device. 
  6. Drag the files from your Backups folder back into iExplorer. Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_12.44.51_PM.png

After the transfer is complete, you will be able to open your previously deleted models in the Matterport Capture app. 

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