How to Upgrade Your Matterport Cloud Plan

Before you begin 

Before following the directions below, you'll need to make sure that you are: 

  1. Logged into
  2. The Account Owner or are designated as a Billing Contact Admin.


Upgrade your Matterport Cloud Plan 

  1. Log into Matterport Cloud (
  2. Navigate to
  3. On the "Billing" page, click the "Change Plan" button to the right of the page. Screen_Shot_2020-01-28_at_8.24.02_AM.png
  4. Pick a new Cloud Plan. 
    • Pick a plan that suits your needs by selecting the corresponding bubble to the left of each description. Screen_Shot_2020-01-28_at_8.30.58_AM.png
  5. Choose whether you'll be billed monthly or annually. 
    • The toggle for this is located in the upper-center of the page, below the "Starter" tier. 
    • Toggle left to be charged monthly for your new plan. 
    • Toggle right to be charged on an annual basis. Screen_Shot_2020-01-28_at_8.41.36_AM.png
  6. Once you've selected your plan and billing frequency, click the "Next" button at the top-right of the screen. 
  7. In the window that opens, choose an "Industry" from the dropdown menu - select from: 
    • Photography Services 
    • Residential Real Estate 
    • Commercial Real Estate 
    • Multi-family Real Estate 
    • Travel, Hospitality & Events
  8. Choose a "Business Type" from the new dropdown menu that appears after your selection - select from: 
    • Ownership 
    • Broker 
    • Property Management 
    • Corporate Real Estate 
    • Internet Listing Service 
  9. Hit the "Next" button. Screen_Shot_2020-01-28_at_8.49.38_AM.png
  10. Fill out your Billing Address, then indicate whether the address provided is a residential address - see below. Screen_Shot_2020-01-28_at_8.53.11_AM.png
  11. Click the "Next" button. 
  12. Fill out the "Service Address for Sales Tax" section. 
    • This will autofill if you've marked the "This is a residence address" checkbox in the previous menu. 
  13. Click the "Next" button. Screen_Shot_2020-01-28_at_8.56.15_AM.png
  14. Under the "Payment Method" drop down menu, click "+Add Credit Card". Screen_Shot_2020-01-28_at_9.17.20_AM.png
  15. In the popup window that appears, provide your credit card credentials, and hit the green "submit" button.

  16. Hit the "Next" button. 
  17. To the right in the "Your Order" window, hit the checkboxes to accept both Matterport's Terms of Sale, and Matterport's Terms of Use
    • Keep in mind, you can click on either "Terms of Sale" or "Terms of Use" to examine both term sheets in detail. Screen_Shot_2020-01-28_at_9.04.36_AM.png
  18. Hit the "Review Order" button. 
    • You will receive an email when your payment is processed, and your cloud plan will upgrade automatically upon verifying the email. 



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