Measurement Mode Settings

Follow the instructions below to alter your Measurement Mode settings, both in your own account, and to end-users who make measurements in your model. 

Measurement Mode account settings 

To view Measurement Mode account settings, follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the model you want to toggle Measurement settings in. 
  2. Switch to Workshop mode. 
  3. Click the Workshop "Settings" icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Screen_Shot_2019-12-03_at_10.28.08_AM.png
  4. Click the "Advanced" button to the left. 
  5. Under the "Measurement Mode" section, locate following: Screen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_1.03.37_PM.png
  6. "Allow visitors to measure your space.
    • Switching this to "on" will allow any visitors to measure aspects of your model in Showcase - keep in mind, visitors can't save these measurements. They're meant to act as a real-time tool. 
    • Example: A user wants to measures certain aspects of your model, then takes screenshots of the measurements for use later. 
  7. "Visitors can:" dropdown menu 
    • Choose whether users can "Measure your space" or "Measure your space and view your measurements

Measurement Mode end-user settings 

After selecting the new measurement tool, click the "Settings" icon at the top-right corner of the window. Reference the image of the Measurements Mode settings window below.  Screen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_1.53.34_PM.png

  1. Snapping 
    • "On" by default - this will "snap" your measurement line to the nearest corner or edge.
    • "Off" will allow you to place the lines manually, anywhere. 
    • If snapping is turned "on", you can use the Shift key to automatically snap your line to the nearest axis.
    • Use the Alt key to remove all snapping
  2. Continuous Lines 
    • "On" by default - this will allow you to "continuously" measure an object with more than one edge or corner (like a table). We'll go over this more in the instructions below. 
  3. Units 
    • Choose between "Imperial" measurements (inches, feet) and "Metric" measurements (centimeters, meters). 
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