How to Open Your Matterport 3D Models in Procore

Procore now supports the Matterport platform, meaning you can use Procore to open your 3D models - the instructions below will teach you how.Screen_Shot_2019-12-02_at_9.29.40_AM.png

What is Procore?

Procore is a "construction" platform used by architects, mechanical engineers, and project managers to collaborate on real-life building projects online. Quantified, that's a lot of data, and Procore's platform is used primarily to manage that data securely.

Adding a Matterport model to your Procore project is a one-time action - after that, all collaborators appended to a Procore project will be able to see the Matterport model from inside the Procore application. This eliminates the pesky workflow of juggling multiple windows and/or adding multiple collaborators to a Matterport account just so others can interact with a scan.


Open your 3D model in Procore

  1. Go to, and select the model you want to transfer to Procore 
  2. Set the model to "Public" by clicking on the lock icon at the top-right of the window
  3. Click the "Share" icon to view your model's URL  Screen_Shot_2019-11-27_at_9.09.05_AM.png
  4. Copy (control+C) the model's SID in the "Link" field share_m2.png
    • This is the "m" parameters in the model's URL - this always starts with "m=" - we've annotated this section in the image above.  
  5. Open Procore's Project Page 
  6. Add the Matterport App
    • This will prompt you to enter the model's SID you copied previously. Screen_Shot_2019-12-02_at_9.25.59_AM.png
  7. Paste (control+v) the model's SID  
  8. Confirm the app install by clicking the orange "Install" button in the pop up window                                           Screen_Shot_2019-12-02_at_9.36.48_AM.png
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