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This article will outline the basic process of using your Matterport Pro2 3D camera to scan your environment, upload your 3D models to Matterport Cloud, and then share with your colleagues and clients. In addition, you can use the resources linked from this article to take a deeper dive into the topics.

Matterport Equipment 


Required equipment you need to scan:

  1. Tripod 
  2. Quick release clamp 
  3. Supported iOS device (iPhone or iPad)
  4. Matterport Capture app

While Waiting for Your Camera 

Learn how to scan

Learn everything you need to know about how to properly operate and upkeep your Matterport 3D camera. 



Learn how to edit, manage, and share your 3D models

Switch to edit mode within 3D Showcase to see all the unique ways you can enrich and enhance your 3D models.


Get inspired

Check out some awesome 3D models created by users in the Matterport community.


Matterport Academy Training Videos

Learn From the Experts

Step-by-step instructional videos designed to educate and teach you how to capture, edit, and share like a pro. From novice to expert, our tutorials help you achieve the results you want from your Matterport 3D tours.


Best Practices for Scanning

Connect your camera to Wi-Fi

When connecting your camera to Wi-Fi, ignore the "No Internet Connection" error message - the Wi-Fi connection is only between your camera and iOS device when scanning.




Placing scan positions

Keep a direct line-of-sight between your scan points in order to create a smooth, refined guided tour for users.

Marking features

Marking windows, mirrors, and trim helps create better alignment points in your scan, improving the overall quality of your final tour.


Recovering from errors 

Running into alignment errors? Try moving the camera closer to the previous scan position and then scan again. 


Adjusting the light

Learn how to properly and consistently light your environment, and how and when to use sunlight as a primary light source. 



Scanning while moving up stairs

Learn the simple process of adjusting your tripod and shooting methodology to allow users to virtually "walk up" a set (or several sets) of stairs.

Keeping doors open or closed

Choose one or the other - if doors are open in certain scans and closed in others, this can cause issues with your tour and confusion on the user's end. 


Scanning Outdoors 


Scanning patios, gardens, and porches with 360° Views

Outside in direct sunlight? Switch to Matterport's 360° View mode and take your scan. 360° Views are similar to 3D scans, but only collect 2D visual data.  

Scanning an outdoor guest house

Want to scan an outdoors path leading up to a guest house? Switch from 360° View to 3D Scan mode, then scan the path at dusk or at dawn - this will stop direct sunlight from interfering with the camera's sensors. 



Scanning both inside and outside 

We recommend shooting all of your outdoor environments last. Switching between 3D Scan mode (indoors) and 3D Scan mode (outdoors) in the middle of the scanning process will cause alignment issues. 


Taking test scans 

We highly endorse the concept of "test models" - before you scan, take one or two "test" scans and upload that test model to the cloud. Because you've only taken a few scans, these models will process almost immediately and become visible. These test models can help you understand the lighting and environmental hurdles that are unique to the property you are scanning. 



Testing with larger models

You can test with larger models as well - duplicate the model in the Capture app, make changes, then upload the duplicate. This workflow will allow you to quickly and easily add new scans, delete scans, and change your markings, without potentially ruining your original scans. 

Duplicates of Models

When you duplicate a model in the Capture app and upload it to Matterport Cloud, you are creating an entirely new, independent 3D model that exists apart from your original model. This means that any changes you make in edit mode (such as adding Mattertag posts) to your original model will have to be made to the new model as well. 


Uploading to Matterport Cloud 


Since you've already purchased a Matterport camera, you should have an email invite to join Matterport Cloud. If you didn't receive an invite yet, please contact us directly.

Matterport Cloud is where all your uploaded scans will live - you can access the Cloud directly at any time by going to, and logging in.

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