Revert Changes When Editing Your 3D Model

Using the “Revert” function gives you the ability to remove any changes that haven't been published yet. This allows you to freely experiment with your model without having to worry about drastically changing what you share with the public.



  1. Go to
  2. Open one of your 3D models.
  3. Switch to edit mode. 
  4. Make a change to your model. 
  5. At the top of the Showcase window you will see notice a short message reading "You have unpublished changes". 
  6. Click "Revert changes".Screen_Shot_2020-04-22_at_12.19.00_PM.png
  7. The "Revert Changes" modal lists all changes made since your last publish. 
    • From this menu, select all of the categories of changes that you wish to undo.  
  8. Click the "Revert" button.Screen_Shot_2020-04-22_at_12.20.15_PM.png

One thing to keep in mind: this will refresh your instance of 3D Showcase, meaning all unpublished changes in the selected categories will be lost. This cannot be undone. 

To finalize changes you've made, hit the "Publish" button to save your latest instance or just continue editing your model. 

Special cases 

  1. Taking a snapshot using the photo tool cannot be reverted - photos are saved automatically.
  2. Changing a snapshot's caption cannot be reverted - captions are saved automatically.
  3. Using the "Apply to all" button in the highlight reel when editing will appear as a change to settings, in addition to the highlight reel. To fully revert transition type changes, you may need to revert your settings in addition to highlight reel changes.
  4. Hiding a highlight reel scan will remove it from the reel. This will appear as a change to the reel. You can revert the changes to both 3D scans and the highlight reel if needed. 
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