Matterport Stitching Services: FAQ

Stitching is the process of combining multiple stand-alone Matterport models into a single space so it can be viewed in a single dollhouse with a single URL. This process must be performed in-house by Matterport Support agents who have the tools and resources needed to complete the task. Read on to learn why users request this service, what it costs, how long it takes, and more. 

Screen_Shot_2019-10-17_at_1.11.09_PM.pngThe red square indicates the common geometry point between two separate models - a Matterport agent used this point to stitch the two models together into one seamless 3D environment. Can't tell? That's the point. 

Stitching: FAQ 

Why would I want to stitch models together?

Stitching is used to combine multiple spaces together that could not be scanned as a single space due to technical issues. For example, your iPad starts crashing before completing all the scans, and you have to start a new job to finish the project. Or your final space had alignment issues and you needed to create another partial model to fix the alignment issue and need it stitched into the original.

Does Matterport offer stitching services?

Matterport currently offers stitching services as a courtesy. Stitching is not a feature of any particular subscription plan, nor is it guaranteed. 

How much does stitching cost?

Matterport does not currently charge for stitching services. It is complimentary at this time, but Matterport is looking into potentially making this a paid service in the future.

What is the turnaround time for a stitching request?

Stitching is a very complex process. Every "stitch" is unique and requires 20 hours or more to complete. Therefore, it could take weeks to complete a single stitching request, depending on how long the wait is for us to even start the work. 

In order to move your request along faster, do not submit models with misalignments or other navigational issues. If there are misalignments or other navigational issues, your request may be denied for stitching once reviewed by the team. If not denied, these issues will add more time to your request. 

How many spaces can I stitch together?

With this complimentary service, we are currently only accepting requests to stitch two spaces together. If you submit a request to stitch together more than two spaces, your request will be denied.

Is there a size limitation of models to be stitched?

The larger a model gets, the higher risk it has of becoming unstable and breaking. Therefore, we cannot stitch models together that have over 1000 combined scan points. If you’re using a Leica BLK 360 for some of your scans, no more than 100 of the scan points can be from that camera.

Can any combination of spaces be stitched together?

To successfully stitch two models together, there needs to be common geometry between them. At a minimum, there should be one common scan point on both models. It would be preferable if there were multiple scan points that overlap between the two models. If there is no overlapping scan points, there will be a gap between the stitched spaces. 

Support agents can only stitch together scans created by the Matterport Pro, Pro2, Leica BLK360, or supported 360 cameras. Support agents will deny requests for spaces created using Matterport for iPhone.

Will Matterport “re-stitch” my spaces?

No. Matterport will only stitch models one time. Any changes to one or more of the combined models that requires re­-upload and reprocessing would require restitching the spaces. This is not currently supported.

What are the limitations and risks of stitching spaces together?

  1. Not all models can be combined, so it is possible a request cannot be completed.
  2. Combining models can result in a space that cannot be properly rendered in Showcase, the space may render at substandard performance levels, or navigation at the stitched area may not be clean.

What are the alternatives to stitching for joining two spaces together?

  1. Scanning Regions and Connecting Using Mattertag Links
  2. Connecting-with-Mattertag-Posts
  3. How Use Deep Links and Mattertags

How do I request stitching services?

Please open a technical support ticket by sending an email to and include the links to the two spaces that you would like stitched together. Please also indicate the numbers of the scan points on each model that match so that we may properly align your two spaces together.

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