Change or Update Billing Information

You may wish to change your payment method in the middle of your monthly or yearly billing cycle - fortunately this can be done with a few quick button presses in the your Matterport settings page. Follow the instructions below. 


Get to your Billing settings 

  1. Head to, and log in. 
  2. In the top-right corner of the screen, hit the drop down arrow next to your account name. 
  3. Click "Settings". 
  4. Under the "My Profile" header to the left, click "Billing". 
    • From this page, you can change your account subscription, view your historical invoices, change your billing address, and change your payment method.Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_9.03.54_AM.png

Account Subscription 

The "Account Subscription" window in the Billing page will show you the following: 


  1. Active spaces count 
    • The amount of active spaces you have associated with your account. 
  2. User count 
    • The amount of users (collaborators) you have associated with your account. 
  3. "Shop Cameras" and "Change Plan" buttons 
    • Click the "Shop Cameras" button to view all supported Matterport cameras available for purchase. 
    • Click the "Change Plan" button to upgrade your monthly/yearly plan. 


Access and (if needed) download every invoice you've received from Matterport since your account was created. 

Click the "PDF download" icon to the right of each report date to download invoices. Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_9.10.22_AM.png


Click the blue "Edit" button in the Address window to change the following: 


  1. Billing address 
    • Change where your Matterport invoice will be mailed each month. 
  2. Shipping address 
    • Change where Matterport products are shipped to you. 
  3. Service address 
    • Change where Matterport services will show up, if requested. 


Here you will see your current method of payment - click the "+ Add Credit Card" to change the primary payment method we have on file for your account. 



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