Use a Deep Link in your Mattertag 

"Deep links" allow you to append a link to a Mattertag from anywhere in your 3D model - this can be useful if, say, you want to transport a user from the bottom of a staircase to the top (without making them manually "climb" the stairs in your guided tour).  


  1. Open the space where you want to create a deep link. 
  2. Navigate to the exact location inside your 3D model where you want users to go. 
    • In this particular example, that is at the top of the staircase. 
  3. Hit the "U" key on your keyboard. 
  4.  In the pop-up window at the top right, copy the link provided.Screen_Shot_2019-09-11_at_1.01.29_PM.png
  5. Navigate to the point where you'd like to place your deep link.
    • In this example, that's at the bottom of the staircase. 
  6. Click the Mattertags icon.Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_3.31.16_PM.png
  7. Click the blue "Add" button. 
  8. Label your deep link in the description field. 
    • In this example, we'll call it "Go to top of the stairs". 
  9. Highlight the description.Screen_Shot_2019-09-10_at_3.29.08_PM.png
    • Hit the "Add Link" tool inside the Mattertag window. 
    • Paste your deep link into the field. 
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