Release Notes for the Matterport Capture App

3.0.5 fixes data migration issues - it is otherwise identical to the 3.0.4 release.

3.0.4 highlights 

  1. Stuck upload fixes
  2. Random crash fixes
  3. Language support
    • Spanish
    • French 
    • German 
  4. BLK 360
    • Fixed false battery reports during scans. 
  5. Ricoh Theta S and Theta SC error 
    • Ricoh Theta S and Theta SC are not currently supported. 

Capture 3.0 summary 

  1. iPhone/iPad support
  2. 360 camera Cortex AI support 
    • Insta360 ONE X 
    • Ricoh Theta Z1/V 
  3. 3D spaces support 
    • Matterport Pro2/Pro2 Lite/Pro 3D
    • Leica BLK360

Usage requirements

  1. Sign into your Matterport account to enable Theta Z1, Theta V, or ONE X compatibility. 

iOS Device Limitations 

  1. Devices must support iOS 12 or higher. 
  2. Theta ZI, Theta V, ONE X 
    • Require iOS devices with 2GB of RAM.


  1. BLK 360 battery status 
    • Incorrect reporting on remaining battery life - investigating. 
  2. Ricoh Theta S and Theta SC are still unsupported


  1. Automatic updates are separate from iOS updates
    • See “iTunes and App Store” section in iOS Settings menu. 
  2. Questions: 
  3. iOS Beta test: 
    • Must use Safari on your iPad or iPhone. 
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