Release Notes: Matterport Capture App

May 7th, 2020 

4.0.0 highlights 

  1. Matterport for iPhone released in Beta 
    • Scan with your iPhone or iPad camera and turn your space into a digital twin 
  2. Friendlier set up for new users
  3. Bug fixes and stability improvements 

March 26th, 2020 

3.0.10 highlights

  1. Fixed crash when tapping on the floor selector button (occurs during floor deletion)
  2. Fixed "Error-11" crash (occurs during the processing upload) 
  3. New error message produced by platform ingest 
    • This happens when someone tries to upload a scanned model in a blocked country 

September 24th, 2019 

3.0.6 highlights 

  1. Improved iOS13/iPad OS support. 
  2. Improved restore/repair functionality (otherwise known as tethered restore). 
  3. Setting Capture to run in the background will not trigger the data inspection process.
    • Keep in mind, simply switching to another application won't "close" Capture - it must be closed and relaunched for changes to take place. 

Due to changes in iOS 13, we recommend that you opt into location services in Matterport Capture for the most robust connection possible. 

September 3rd, 2019

3.0.5 fixes data migration issues - it is otherwise identical to the 3.0.4 release.

3.0.4 highlights 

  1. Stuck upload fixes
  2. Random crash fixes
  3. Language support
    • Spanish
    • French 
    • German 
  4. BLK 360
    • Fixed false battery reports during scans. 
  5. Ricoh Theta S and Theta SC error 
    • Ricoh Theta S and Theta SC are not currently supported. 

Capture 3.0 summary 

  1. iPhone/iPad support
  2. 360 camera Cortex AI support 
    • Insta360 ONE X 
    • Ricoh Theta Z1/V 
  3. 3D spaces support 
    • Matterport Pro2/Pro2 Lite/Pro 3D
    • Leica BLK360

Usage requirements

  1. Sign into your Matterport account to enable Theta Z1, Theta V, or ONE X compatibility. 

iOS Device Limitations 

  1. Devices must support iOS 12 or higher. 
  2. Theta ZI, Theta V, ONE X 
    • Require iOS devices with 2GB of RAM.


  1. BLK 360 battery status 
    • Incorrect reporting on remaining battery life - investigating. 
  2. Ricoh Theta S and Theta SC are still unsupported


  1. Automatic updates are separate from iOS updates
    • See “iTunes and App Store” section in iOS Settings menu. 
  2. Questions: 
  3. iOS Beta test: 
    • Must use Safari on your iPad or iPhone. 
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