Matterport IP restrictions

We have updated our server configurations in order to ensure that Matterport services are fully compliant with United States Treasury laws.

What is an "IP-Block"? 

"IP-blocking" or "Geo-blocking" is a process in which a business blocks certain incoming requests - in the form of IP addresses - for services. In Matterport's case, this means we are restricting access to our product in specific countries. 

Who is affected by this change? 

Users in the following countries will be unable to access Matterport services. 

  1. Syria 
  2. Iran 
  3. Cuba 
  4. The Crimea region of the Ukraine 
  5. North Korea 
  6. Venezuela 

Program details 

Matterport is required by US law to restrict access to our servers in compliance with US government trade regulations provided by the United States Department of the Treasury. You can learn more about these regulations at the US Department of the Treasury resource center

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