Matterport Pro2 Battery Storage and Care

Customers sometimes stow their Matterport Pro2 cameras for a couple of months only to find that the battery no longer charges/functions properly. As it stands, if a Pro2 battery lies dormant for more than a couple of months, there is a high chance of the battery falling below standard voltage levels, which will stop it from working properly. 


That being said, there are several precautions you can take to ensure this doesn't happen during off-periods where you'd like to stow your Pro2 camera. 

I. Maintain a 40-60% battery charge

The Matterport Pro2 camera has a built-in battery indicator that will tell you the remaining battery life every time you power up the device. If you're planning on stowing your Pro2 camera for a prolonged period of time, we recommend keeping the battery between 40-60% charged - this will stop it from falling below the voltage threshold. 

To do this, we recommend taking your camera out every other week and checking the battery indicator - if it falls below 40%, plug the camera in and charge it to 60%, then stow again. Doing this will ensure your Pro2 will be ready to scan and shoot whenever you are. 

II. Stow your battery in a cool (but not damp) environment 

Intense heat or cold can mess with the battery's internal configuration, especially prolonged exposure. Additionally, avoid keeping your battery in an enclosed area that generates a ton of dust or mold. Stow your battery in a cool, consistent temperature like a window-less closet or cabinet. We recommend sticking to an environment that's 40-50° Celsius. 

III. Do not try to remove or tamper with the battery 

Your first impulse upon discovering a dead battery may be to remove it from the camera entirely - we do not recommend doing this. The Pro2 is a closed system - to get to the battery, several parts of the Pro2 must be removed which will: 

  1. Void your warranty. 
  2. De-calibrate the image and measurement sensors, which will leave you with a camera that takes false measurements readings. 

If your battery has died and won't charge, contact us directly to discuss ordering a replacement. 



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