Append a 360° View to your Showcase using Mattertags

As it stands, adding a 360° to your Showcase is possible, but adding a true 360° panoramic can be problematic as our system will try to place it automatically. This can lead to 360° images appended to your Showcase that don't appear in the proper place. To address this issue, you can use Mattertags (and third-party image hosting sites) to append your 360° photos anywhere in your Showcase Space. Follow the steps below to learn how to do this.


I. Append a 360° View to your Showcase 

    1. In the "Media" section of the Showcase UI, click "Photos". append1.png

    2. Locate your 360° photo.
      • 360° images are displayed at the bottom of the "Photos" list.
    3. Click the desired image to open it in a new window. 
    4. Click the "Download" icon to save the image to your hard drive. append2.png
    5. Navigate to a site that supports 360° photography.
    6. Create an account. 
    7. Upload your 360° image. 
    8. Click on "Share or Embed a Link". append3.png
    9. Copy the generated link - this will be used in your Mattertag post.
    10. Return to your Matterport Space and switch to Edit mode. 
    11. Click the Mattertag icon in the toolbox to the right. mattertagsicon.png
    12. In either Dollhouse, Inside, or Floorplan view, place your Mattertag at the precise location of the desired 360° View. append4.png
    13. In the Mattertag window that opens, click the "Add Media" icon at the bottom-left.
    14. Paste the link into the URL field. append5.png
    15. Click "Apply". 
    16. The 360° View will now appear inside your Mattertag window.

Make the 360° View appear in fullscreen: Alternatively, you can upload the image URL as a "Link" rather than "Media" - this will create a clickable link in your Mattertag that users can click on to see the 360° image in fullscreen mode. You can also create a clickable link with a title - highlight the title and click the "Add Link" icon, then paste the link into the URL field.
          A Mattertag with both a clickable link to the fullscreen 360° image, and the multimedia attachment. 


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