How to Convert a 360° View to a 3D Scan

You can convert your Matterport 360° views to 3D scans using a conversion engine called "Cortex" included in Matterport's Capture app. There are three primary benefits to doing this:

  1. Use the conversion to fill in 3D data that wasn't otherwise captured.
  2. Take a 3D scan outdoors. 
  3. Use it to fill in pools (or areas with water). 

Ultimately this process has utility, but it's important to note that measurements obtained from this conversion are not as precise as a scan from a hardware depth sensor - measurements from the hardware are precise to a 1% margin, while converted scans are precise to a 10% margin.


I. Convert your 360° View to a 3D Scan 

  1. Open the Matterport Capture app (must be on version 4.2 or later) on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Select a scanned model with 360° Views you'd like to convert.
  3. In the mini-map, locate the 360° icon. 
  4. Tap the 360° icon to select it. 3dicon.png
  5. In the window that appears, tap "Convert to 3D". conert.png
  6. The 360° View will now appear as a 3D Scan on your mini-map. view.png

II. Fill in Your Pools 

When taking a 360° view, swimming pools (or lakes, or any location amenity with water) will appear with "blacked out water" - that is, the liquid inside the pool or lake will appear totally black and un-textured.

This is because while the Matterport Pro2 actually stitches images together to create 3D scans, in 360° view the infrared sensors fall slightly off course. That leaves you with a panorama image, sure, but it's not connected to - or aligned with - other images. As a result, the conversion approximates the depth data so that the 360° View can convert into a 3D scan that is somewhat (10%) aligned, in order to make an accurate dollhouse.

As such, if you're shooting outdoors and have a pool you'd like to photograph accurately, converting a 360° View of the pool to a 3D Scan is the way to go - the conversion means that Cortex will automatically infer the dimensions of the pool and fill it with water that looks close-to-real-life.  Reference the image below. pool.png

You can also see what this looks like in 3D model below: 

Here's an example of a pool that was captured with a 360° View, then converted into 3D.


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