What is an Active or Archived Model?

"Active" or "archived" designations can be given to 3D spaces hosted on your Matterport Cloud account. Both designations maintain access to your most important 3D Spaces, while also retaining the flexibility of unlimited hosting for all 3D spaces in your Matterport account.

Before you Begin 

What you can do with an Active Space 


  1. Archive the Space 
  2. Move the Space to another folder 
  3. Delete the Space from your account 
  4. Explore the Space in 3D Showcase View 
  5. Edit the Space in Matterport Edit mode
    • This includes creating Highlight Reels, and adding Mattertags and labels.
  6. Download assets or other add-ons 
  7. Toggle between public or private Space
    • Spaces in free plans can only be marked private. 
  8. Edit metadata details 

What you can do with an Archived Space 


  1. Search for the Space 
  2. Activate the Space
    • As long as activating the Space keeps you below your active space threshold that corresponds with your subscription.
  3. Move the Space to another folder in your account 
  4. Delete the Space from your account 

Not possible 

  1. Explore the Space in 3D Showcase mode 
  2. Edit the Space in Matterport Edit mode
    • You an only do this if you have Editor access to the specific Space, or are an account admin.
  3. Download assets or other add-ons
    • This includes ordering/downloading additional assets and add-ons, including schematic floor plans, Matterpaks, or publishing to Google Street View.
  4. Transfer, share, or publish the Space 
  5. Make the Space public 


I. How to Activate an Archived Space 

  1. Log in to my.matterport.com.

    • This will take you to a page with all Spaces available in your account. space1.png
  2. Find the Space (or Spaces) that have been archived.
    • Archived Spaces will appear in your list of Spaces, and are grayed out with an appended "Archived" sticker right next to the title.
  3. Click the ellipses icon to the right. space2.png
  4. Select "Activate". 
  5. Confirm the activation by pressing the blue "Activate" button.space3.png

II. How to Archive an Activated Space 

  1. Log in to my.matterport.com.
  2. Find the space you want to archive. 
  3. Hit the Ellipses icon to the right of the Space. 
  4. Click "Archive".
    • Once this is done, the row your space is populated by will turn a light shade of grey - you can follow the instructions in Step I to reactivate the archived Space.

III. What if I've reached my account limit for active Spaces?

You will receive an email when you have reached your Space limit, and also receive a notification inside the Matterport Cloud UI. You can continue to scan Spaces as much as you'd like (and save the scan data locally to your phone or tablet), though you cannot upload the Space to your Matterport account. You have two options to address this issue:

  1. Upgrade your Cloud plan.
    • This will increase your active Space limit immediately. sub.png
  2. Archive or delete existing Spaces until your are below the limit.
    • Click the ellipses button next to the space and select either "Archive" or "Delete".
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