How Does Billing Work With my Cloud Plan?

If your subscription has "Classic" in the name, please go to: How does Matterport billing work for a classic plan?

Your Matterport Bill - a Breakdown 

Matterport bills are separated into two distinct categories.

  1. Software as a service
    • This is a cloud plan used primarily for processing and hosting.

    • This plan is billed monthly or annually - your choice. 
  2. A la carte
    • This plan provides additional products and/or services per-model.
    • Examples: Schematic floor plans, Matterpak bundles, publishing to Google Street View - reference the chart below. 
Products Free Plan Starter Plans Professional Plans Business Plans 
Schematic Floor Plan n/a n/a $14.99 per-floor plan (£13/€15) $12.99 per-floor plan ((£11/€13)
MatterPak Bundle n/a n/a

$49.00 per-MatterPak Bundle (£39/€44)

$39.00 per-MatterPak Bundle (£31/€35)
Google Street View n/a $19.99 per-model (£17/€19)  $14.99 per-model(£13/€15)  $12.99 per-model (£11/€13)


The cost for your subscription will surface at the beginning of your usage period - this charge is for hosting and all usage during that specific period.

Additional products and/or services are charged at the beginning of the month based on the activity from the previous month.

  • Example: The bill you receive in the beginning of July includes July's subscription fee and all additional fees from June.

See Matterport pricing numbers at a glance.

Monthly or Yearly Subscription Plans 

Subscription plans include the following in relation to all 3D Models:

  1. Processing

  2. Hosting

  3. Team collaboration 

We recommend changing your billing plan three days before the end of the month - your new plan will start up the following month and will cover all usage for the next month.

  • Example: You change your plan on September 25th - your October invoice will charge you for September's usage, include additional usage charges for a la carte processing.

Example Invoice 

This is supposing you are on a Professional Monthly plan. In the month of May, let's say you ordered three floor plans and published two spaces to Google Street View. Reference the table below to see the type of invoice you would receive on June 1st - all amounts are USD.

Invoice Item  Cost

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

  • Hosting for June

Schematic Floor Plans 

  • Three floor plans ordered in May at $14.99 per-model 

Publish to Google Street View 

  • Two models published in May at $14.99 per-model 
Subtotal $173.95

Active vs. Archived models 

We've recently introduced new pricing plans for Matterport subscriptions - one of the biggest conceptual changes is the inclusion of "archived" and "active" Space limits. This allows you to archive Spaces you haven't used in a long time in order to increase your Space limits - learn more about these new plans.

Tax Policy 

North American Customers 

Some North American customers will be charged tax against their SaaS subscription, including additional fees in accordance with differing state policies. Matterport's billing system works with a specialized tax service that helps properly calculate and charge correct taxes on a per-state basis.

UK and EMEA Customers 

Some UK and EMEA customers will be charged VAT (value-added tax) in accordance with differing country policies. Matterport always uses the best and most up-to-date information when calculating each VAT. Tax rules differ on tangible goods and digital services on a per-country basis, which may result in VATs being applied to service-addressed countries, or via the Netherlands (where we ship our cameras sold in Europe).

For customers who already have a valid VAT ID, Matterport submits the ID along with a service address (and applicable product or service information) to Avatax - this determines the appropriate VAT charge.

Customers required to pay VAT through (these are usually new customers) may notice a VAT charge on their subscription service when starting out.

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