Release Notes - July 1st, 2019

Hardware and Billing Changes 

1. Official Support for the Ricoh Theta Z1

The Ricoh Theta Z1 now appears in the 360 Cameras selector at The Theta Z1 also appears in camera-plan compatibility messaging on both, and when users are evaluating plans for purchases or future upgrades. 

2. 360 Camera Uploads - Tracking 

All 360 camera uploads will be tracked for billing - this applies to Classic Subscription plan customers starting July 1st (changes will be reflected in August’s bill). 

3. Improved Cookie Policy Notification and Acceptance 

Geo-location-aware cookie policy pop-ups have been added to and  

4. Access links to Free Sign up from Cloud Login and Sign up

Guests who arrive at login page (i.e. not already logged in) will be presented with a login screen with a link to create a new free account.

Showcase and Workshop Changes 

  1. Smoother Movements in Tours 
    • Walkthrough tours now glide much more smoothly through Spaces. 
  2. Fixed Hidden Scans 
    • You can no longer walk through hidden scans, even in Edit Mode. 
  3. The &wts= URL parameter works again
    • The "P" menu Tour Speed now matches the &wts= URL parameter. 
  4. Adding Thumbnails 
    • Adding a view or thumbnail to a tour is now a much faster process. 
  5. 360 Photos and Metadata
    • Fixed a bug where 360 photos didn't have correct metadata, and therefore did not "act" like 360 photos when used in conjunction with other services. 
  6. Fixed VR Bug 
    • A bug has been addressed where native VRP apps didn't pick up VR Path changes in the Matterport Editor. 

Additional Changes

1. Additional HomeAway Polish 

  • Fixed minor layout issues.
  • Corrected wording in the publish action pop-up window. 
  • Corrected wording on all error pop-ups. 
  • Added usage history filter for HomeAway publication. 

2. Additional Fixes 

  • Fixed issues preventing the Billing tab from working with customers from China. 
  • Fixed issues with default upload folder selection. 
  • Fixed billing term selection (Monthly or Annual) on the “Plan Upgrade” screen. 



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