Release Notes for Matterport Cloud (

November 15th, 2019 


  1. New colors, fonts, general theme 


  1. New colors, fonts, general theme 
  2. Automatic language detection based on web browser's language settings. 

November 7th, 2019 


  1. Truncated popup menus
    • Fixed issue where popup menus were becoming truncated inside the tool list views. 


  1. "Presented By" font-size is larger on the loading screen
  2. Fullscreen button now appears on iPad 
  3. Fixed crashes on iPad OS resulting from incorrectly loading high resolution textures


October 31st, 2019 


  1. Transition settings customization 
  2. Fixed empty title bar bug 


  1. Bug fix - blue cursor can no longer fall through 3D models. 
  2. Bug fix - 360° Views will not get moved when placed too far away. 
  3. Floorplan rotation on mobile has a more natural flow. 
  4. Enhanced floorplan controls on desktop. 


October 17th, 2019 

Workshop: Revert Unpublished Changes 

Workshop users can now undo unwanted changes before publishing

Showcase Fixes 

  1. Larger Mattertag billboards 
    • Mattertag billboards are larger and will no longer shrink depending on how far away they are. 
  2. Sweeps are now taken into account when making the outer projections skybox. 
  3. Functioning zoom without the use of tiles 
    • Keep in mind: Showcase on iOS does not use tiles. 
  4. Logo and terms no longer disappear during tours. 
  5. Performance improvements 
    • Namely more efficient shaders. 

Workshop Fixes 

  1. Sweeps only show/hidden when 3D Scans tool is selected 
    • This will help users stop hiding scans accidentally. 
  2. Floors no longer turn grey when using the measurement tool. 

September 18th, 2019 

Workshop Fixes

  1. Mattertags now allow links that were already URL-encoded (e.g. had a %20 in the URL)
  2. Fixed Mattertag crashes when hovering over the Mattertag creation icon 
  3. Mattertags now allow deep links to be entered in the Mattertag media field

Showase Fixes 

  1. Scans in highlight reel now pan in a consistent direction, and for the entire length of the scan (from left to right or right to left). 
    • Previously a bug caused automatic pans in the highlight reel to sometimes change directions while panning.  
  2. Showcase window "shadow" accurately repositioned. 


September 3rd, 2019 

iOS Showcase version 3.0 in the App Store

The iOS Showcase app is now entirely up-to-date with the online version of Showcase - this includes: 

  1. Offline features 

    • All new 3.0 features will now work offline when users open a 3D model on their iPad. 

Major improvements to Showcase 3.0 

  1. New streamlined UI 

  2. Support for placed 360° Views 

  3. Support for larger Spaces 

August 26th, 2019 

For new customers 

1. The demo model 

The demo model is a new vehicle that allows customers to experience the value of a Matterport model by adding a demo to their newly created account. Demo model details are listed below: 

  • Demo models respect the subscription rules appended to the user's new account. 
  • Demo models are unique to each account. 
  • Demo models do not contribute to the account's active model limit quota. 
  • Demo models will only be available for new accounts, not existing ones. 
  • Demo models can be deleted by users with Administrative permissions. 
  • Demo models can be viewed by Collaborator users with View or Edit privileges.

Bug fixes 

1. Removed "delete admins" error 

  • Addressed a bug where admins who were not account owners could delete other admin users from the account in the UI. Previously, if admins attempted this action, they would receive an error message. Now the option is no longer available in the UI at all. 

2. Fixed typo

  • Fixed typo in the Content Distribution account product setting.  

3. Additional language translations 

  • Added previously missing translations from strings to shoppings. 
  • Added translations for coupon code errors in the shopping purchase flow. 

August 15, 2019 

Sign up and Buy 

1. Enterprise accounts - AML and archiving 

The ability to archive your models and enforcement of Active Model Limit (AML) has been added to Enterprise accounts.  If your number of active models exceeds the number specified in your contract, you will need to immediately archive enough models to get under the AML.

2. Additional language translations added to 

3. Authenticated use settings access 

All authenticated users on can now access the settings menu, even if their account has not been fully activated.


1. Fixed cosmetic bugs

These include bugs that appeared in the purchasing process of FloorPlans and MatterPaks.

2. Billing Settings issue 

Current billing terms are now properly displayed. 

July 31st, 2019 

Improved Mattertag Editing 

1. The focused Mattertag 

The focused Mattertag will now be centered over scenes and will maintain a consistent size, making it easier to locate and use.

2. Mattertag hovering 

You can now view your Mattertags by simply hovering over them, even while in Edit mode.

3. The Mattertag disc 

You can now quickly jump into Edit mode by clicking the Mattertag disc.

4. Mattertag "Hide" and "Delete" options 

"Hide" and "Delete" options are now immediately visible and accessible from the lower menu bar.

Improved Tours 

1. Highlight Reel captioning 

Captions in your Highlight Reel will now save automatically, even if you switch to another tool.

2. &ts=x parameter 

If you use the &ts=x parameter, user interactions will now cancel the start of the tour.

3. Highlight Reel text 

Text in the Highlight Reel is now more visible and easier-to-read, thanks to a more subtle background.

July 29th, 2019 

Improvements to cloud

1. Bug fix - feature availability 

Matterpaks and Floor Plans are no longer available for models captured using 360° cameras. 

2. Profile settings 

Profile settings have been added to a dropdown menu in the upper-left side of the UI. 

Improvements to shopping 

1. New checkout page 

This page now previews shipping and promo discounts in the cart's subtotal window.

2. Theta Z1 

The UX in shopping and signup for the Theta Z1 has been improved for visual consistency.

3. Specific credit card messaging 

Credit card error messages now overtly state more specific reasons for the error - this should reduce repeated failed attempts at purchasing.

4. The "Shop Cameras" link 

The "Shop Cameras" link in the Account Billing page will no open in the same tab (instead of opening in a new one).

July 18th, 2019 

Vrbo and HomeAway Publishing Minor Improvements 

1. UI improvements 

Vrbo and Homeaway logos now appear according to brand guidelines.

2. Minor UI cleanups 

Specifically to tile content and layout. 

3. UX improvements 

Specifically to the auto-publish setting option. 

4. Fixed publishing bug 

Publishing now works even if a tour was published and deleted previously.

5. On/off toggle 

Removed Vrbo and Homeaway on/off toggle for Free Subscription accounts.

Cloud Improvements and Fixes 

1. Default upload profile folders 

Fixed bug preventing users from setting their default upload folder from their Profile in Matterport Cloud.

2. Unusable checkout flow 

Fixed bug that made checkout flow unusable when users entered email addresses that included non-shippable countries.

3. Invisible archived models 

Fixed bug that ensured archived models are no longer visible in Showcase mode.

4. The move folder in Safari and Firefox 

Fixe issue where the move folder was not displaying in Safari and Firefox browsers when closed and opened again.

5. Post-purchase MatterPak content 

Fixed bug that stopped MatterPak content from appearing post-purchase - even if users have performance cookies disabled.

6. New Space detail folders 

Fixed bug that prevented users from creating new folders in Space details.

7. Downloading Snapshots 

Fixed bug that prevented users from downloading Snapshots taken in a ZIP file.

July 1st, 2019 

Hardware and Billing Changes 

1. Official Support for the Ricoh Theta Z1

The Ricoh Theta Z1 now appears in the 360 Cameras selector at The Theta Z1 also appears in camera-plan compatibility messaging on both, and when users are evaluating plans for purchases or future upgrades. 

2. 360 Camera Uploads - Tracking 

All 360 camera uploads will be tracked for billing - this applies to Classic Subscription plan customers starting July 1st (changes will be reflected in August’s bill). 

3. Improved Cookie Policy Notification and Acceptance 

Geo-location-aware cookie policy pop-ups have been added to and  

4. Access links to Free Sign up from Cloud Login and Sign up

Guests who arrive at login page (i.e. not already logged in) will be presented with a login screen with a link to create a new free account.

Showcase and Workshop Changes 

  1. Smoother Movements in Tours 
    • Walkthrough tours now glide much more smoothly through Spaces. 
  2. Fixed Hidden Scans 
    • You can no longer walk through hidden scans, even in Edit Mode. 
  3. The &wts= URL parameter works again
    • The "P" menu Tour Speed now matches the &wts= URL parameter. 
  4. Adding Thumbnails 
    • Adding a view or thumbnail to a tour is now a much faster process. 
  5. 360 Photos and Metadata
    • Fixed a bug where 360 photos didn't have correct metadata, and therefore did not "act" like 360 photos when used in conjunction with other services. 
  6. Fixed VR Bug 
    • A bug has been addressed where native VRP apps didn't pick up VR Path changes in the Matterport Editor. 

Additional Changes

      1. Additional HomeAway Polish 

  • Fixed minor layout issues.
  • Corrected wording in the publish action pop-up window. 
  • Corrected wording on all error pop-ups. 
  • Added usage history filter for HomeAway publication. 

      2. Additional Fixes 

  • Fixed issues preventing the Billing tab from working with customers from China. 
  • Fixed issues with default upload folder selection. 
  • Fixed billing term selection (Monthly or Annual) on the “Plan Upgrade” screen.

      3. Workshop/Showcase 3.0 

All new 3D models created going forth use the Workshop and Showcase version 3.0 by default - users can continue to access the legacy Workshop 2.0 for the next few months. Learn more.

    4. Free signup page in the Matterport Cloud 

Guests who arrive at who aren't logged in will be presented with a login screen featuring a link to create a new account.

      5. Standalone page for Pro 2 Lite purchases 

The Pro 2 Lite will be available for a limited-time only clearance sale - contact your sales representative for further details.

      6. Support for the Ricoh Theta Z1 

The Ricoh Theta Z1 now appears in the 360° Camera selector at The Theta Z1 also appears in camera-plan compatibility messaging on both the Matterport Cloud and when users are evaluating plans for purchases or future upgrades.

      7. Cookie policy acceptance 

Geo-location-aware cookie policy pop-ups have been added to the Matterport Cloud and

      8. Minor changes to the Matterport Cloud: 

A. Fixed issues preventing the Billing tab from working with customers from China.

B. Additional HomeAway UI elements and polish: 

  • Fixed minor layout issues. 
  • Corrected wording in the publish action pop-up window. 
  • Corrected wording on all error pop-ups. 

C. Added usage history filter for HomeAway publication. 

D. Fixed issues with default upload folder selection. 

E. UI fix: Billing term selection (monthly or annual) on the "Plan Upgrade" screen.

F. Enterprise customers can now see historical invoices, update addresses, and update credit cards on file.

      9. Minor changes to 

A. Fixed issues with use of non-latin characters in state and province selectors that include Japan and UAE.

B. Fixed bug related to shipping quotes when user transitions from "Review Order" to "Select Products".

C. Fixed error message that's appended to invalid promo codes.

May 27th, 2019 

1. Easier to upgrade Cloud plans 

Easier UI clearly shows the benefits of each individual cloud plan.

2. Easier to manage 3D models in Cloud plans 

Bulk actions enabled to archive and activate multiple models and folders at once.

3. Easier to tell which cameras are compatible with each plan

Compatible cameras will appear on the sign up and thank you pages.

4. Publish to third-party vacation rental portals 

Beta: Publish your 360° imagery to Vrbo and Homeaway. 

5. Additional bug fixes for better user experiences 

A. Added comparison charts at 

B. Fixes to the sort/empty list (including folder view, search view, and all Spaces).

C. Fixes to French translations at 

D. Improvements to searching for models in the Matterport Cloud.

Additional information 

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