Export from Matterport to VRBO and HomeAway

Exporting to Vrbo and HomeAway is currently in public beta, and is available to all models on accounts with a Starter plan or higher. 

Because models scanned by iPhones can be shared publicly from Free accounts, those models can also publish to Vrbo.

Currently only available to listings based in the United States.



Using 3D scans, you can now extract panoramic information from your Matterport account to Vrbo and HomeAway.  These portals will assemble the imagery into a 360 tour (similar but not exactly the same as a Matterport 3D model) for display on those sites.

This feature is a great way for vacation property owners and vacation rental managers to enhance their listings, generate more interest in their properties, and get more bookings.

See some examples below:

See it on Vrbo and Homeaway Visit the Matterport Space


What’s the difference between a Matterport 3D model and a Vrbo and HomeAway 360 tour?

Vrbo and HomeAway Matterport 3D Showcase

What’s included:

  • 360 images and connections between each of them


  • Get the most eyeballs for your 360 imagery on the vacation rental sites consumers already know and love.
  • Give customers a visual experience of your property before they book.

What’s included

  • Fully immersive 3D model with smooth navigation
  • Dollhouse View
  • Rich annotations (Mattertags)
  • Highlight Reel, Guided Tours, and more!


  • Natively include on your own website and social media
  • Give customers the richest, most immersive visual experience of your property before they book.


Step by Step on How to Create

Log in to Matterport Cloud (my.matterport.com). Find the 3D model you want to export.

You must be an Editor for that specific 3D model or an Admin for the entire account.

Open the ‘Add-Ons’ tab. Click the Vrbo and HomeAway card.


Enter the URL for the property listing, either the Vrbo or HomeAway URL. The 360 tour will be created on the appropriate sites for this listing (Vrbo, HomeAway, or both).

Your URL should will appear in one of the following formats:

In these instances, the X's refer to specific HomeAway listings. 

Click Create Tour


Currently only available to listings based in the United States.

Processing on HomeAway can take up to 12 hours. You will receive an email when it is ready.

You must return to my.matterport.com to complete the process. For future use, you can skip the preview and automatically publish by going to my.matterport.com/settings/account/manage and enabling this setting.


Return to my.matterport.com and this specific model. Click the Apps tab and then on Vrbo and HomeAway. Preview the tour if desired. When you are ready, click Publish to make your 360 tour public on your Vrbo or HomeAway listing.

Check your Vrbo or HomeAway listing to see the actual 360 tour. It may take up to 5 minutes for your listing to be updated.

360 tours tours are live on the desktop websites and mobile websites of Vrbo and HomeAway. Exploring the tours on Vrbo and HomeAway's iOS or Android mobile apps is coming soon.


Update or Remove a 360 Tour

Once the 3D model is public, feel free to make changes in my.matterport.com and update. Specifically, you can hide extra scans or set the start position and then republish.

First, make your edits in Workshop and publish there. Next, open the Add-ons tab and then the Vrbo and HomeAway card.

Click Update to update your tour. It may take up to 12 hours for your updated 360 tour to be visible on your Vrbo and HomeAway listing.

Click Unpublish to remove your tour from your Vrbo and HomeAway listing. It may take up to 12 hours for your Vrbo and HomeAway listing to be updated.

If you delete or archive your model on my.matterport.com, the tour on Vrbo and Homeaway will not be affected.

Questions about how the tour is portrayed on Vrbo and HomeAway? Contact Vrbo and HomeAway to resolve your issue.

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