Frequently Asked Questions on May 2019 Subscription Changes

Basic Questions

Why is Matterport updating their pricing and subscription plans?

Primarily, we want to simplify pricing and billing for our customers. We have eliminated the need to track your usage, as well as limit your usage or delete spaces to stay within hosting limits. We’re freeing you up to focus on scanning the built world.


I’m a CURRENT Matterport customer. Can I keep the plan I have?

Yes! If you’re happy with your plan, then keep it. Everything will be exactly the same. You will stay on your current plan by default, as long as your account remains in good standing. No action necessary from you.


I’m a CURRENT Matterport customer. Can I upgrade to one of the new plans?

Yes. Upgrade at any time: You should be an admin (specifically an Account Owner or Billing Contact).


I’m a NEW customer to Matterport. How will this affect me?

If you purchase a cloud subscription on or after May 9th, 2019, then you can only get one of the new plans. The classic plans will no longer be available.


I’m a CURRENT Matterport customer. Can I switch between the classic plans?

Existing customers on classic plans can only keep their current classic plan or upgrade to one of the new plans.

For example, if you are on Basic (Classic) then you can stay on that Basic (Classic) plan. You cannot change to another classic plan like Professional (Classic). Alternately, you can upgrade to a new plan like Professional. If you upgrade, you cannot go back to your old classic plan.


Isn’t Matterport just raising their prices?

No. We are changing the model to make it simpler to use Matterport. Limits and overage charges on usage have been replaced with a flat fee and the ability to scan as much as you want. Most of our customers will experience a lower total cost of ownership.


More Questions

What is a user?

A user is one person (identified by email address and password) who can log in to your account. Each user can have varying levels of access and permission to all the spaces on your account. Learn more about collaborators in Matterport. Each cloud plan has a designated amount of collaborators, as specified on


Will the classic plans ever go away?

Our existing customers that prefer to wait to upgrade can keep their classic plans indefinitely. No action is required at this time. If you ever leave your classic account, or your account is cancelled for non-payment, you cannot go back to it.


Are there any pricing changes to the classic plans?

Nope. Everything is exactly the same as it is now.


My bill now shows a plan called Basic (Classic). What is that?

All of the old plans will be referred to as “Classic” in your invoice and on


I am a current customer and have the Pro2. Will I still get free processing credits every month?

If you keep your current plan then yes, nothing changes. If you upgrade to the new plans, we do not charge any processing fees at all.


Can I activate or archive spaces in the classic plans?

Nope, the concept of ‘active’ or ‘archived’ spaces does not apply to classic plans.


Can I pay monthly for the Business plan?

Currently no. You must pay the full amount for the year up front.


What happens with large spaces in the new pricing?

Classic plans will not change. New plans do not differentiate space size - a space is a space.


Can existing Enterprise or Internal subscriptions archive spaces?

No. This only applies to new plans.


If processing fees are going away - does that include Leica BLK360 scans?

Yes, for all cameras


What happens if a customer is at their limit and they upload a scan?

The customer will not be able to upload the scan until they archive enough spaces to get under their Active space Limit, or they upgrade to a higher end plan.


Upgrading From a Classic Plan

If I upgrade to a new plan can I go back to my classic plan?

No, once you upgrade to a new plan (with active space limits) you can only move between those plans.


What happens if I upgrade from a classic (old) plan to a new plan, but have more spaces than the stated active space limit?

All your spaces will remain active, but you will be blocked from uploading any new spaces. This is meant to help smooth your transition and not leave any spaces ‘in the cold’.

For example, suppose you have 43 spaces in a Basic (Classic) plan, and you upgrade to a Professional plan. All 43 of your spaces will become ‘active’, but you will be blocked from uploading any new spaces. You can either (A) Archive 19 spaces so you only have 24 active spaces, or (B) Upgrade to Professional Plus with a 50 active space limit.


Can I downgrade to a Free or Starter account?

No, you can only switch between Professional and Business plans.


When are upgrades and downgrades effective?

Upgrades to more expensive plans are effective immediately. For example, ‘Professional’ to ‘Professional Plus’ or ‘Professional’ to ‘Business’. You will be charged a prorated rate for the remaining X days in the term. Upgrades from monthly to yearly (within the same plan) are effective immediately.

Downgrades to a less expensive plan (like ‘Professional Plus’ to ‘Professional’) or downgrades from yearly to monthly only happen at the end of the current term. If you downgrade, you will keep your current pricing and feature-set until the end of the term. At the beginning of the next term, you will move to the new pricing and feature-set.


Active & Archived spaces

If I’m on a new plan, how do I know if a space is archived?

When the space is shown in All Spaces (Search and Folder view) the space will be greyed out with a marker of Archived by the name. The space Details page cannot be seen on an archived space


What actions can I take on an archived space?

You can ONLY activate or delete a space that is archived. You can’t copy, transfer, edit, or share archived spaces.


If I’m on a new plan, how can I activate a space?

Within the All Spaces list in your account, you will see your Archived spaces along with your Active spaces. To activate an Archived space, you simply need to use the drop down boxes next to each space in the list.


When can I activate a space?

A customer can activate a space ONLY if they have available space in their active space limit. For example, a customer on the Professional plan with a 25 active space limit and who has 25 active spaces can NOT activate a 26th space (and will be told so when attempting to do so).

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