Collaborator Limits on Cloud Plans

I. Free and Starter Plans 

When creating a free or starter plan, only one user (designated as the "Account Owner") can be assigned to the account - if you'd like to add additional Collaborators, we recommend upgrading to the Professional or Business service plans.

II. Professional and Business Plans 

Each cloud plan (Professional, Professional Plus, Business or Business Plus) has a unique limit associated with collaborators - visit to see the numbers for each respective plan.

III. Collaborator Limits 

For example's sake, let's say you've purchased a Professional plan with a limit of five Collaborators - and you currently have four.

At this point, you can send out as many invites to as many additional users as you'd like - the first person who accepts the invite will automatically become the fifth Collaborator. The remaining invitees will not be able to register unless you upgrade your Cloud plan (which would upgrade your Collaborator limit).

If, however, you reach your total Collaborator limit and attempt to add a new user, you will be blocked from doing so. Going forward, you have two options:

  1. Upgrade to a higher plan (only Account Owners and Billing Contact admins can do this).
  2. Remove existing Collaborators to drop back below your limits.
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