How does billing work with my cloud plan?


There are two parts to your Matterport bill:

  • Software-as-a-service cloud plan for processing and hosting
    • Billed monthly or annually depending on your plan
  • "A la carte" additional products or services per model
    • For example: Schematic floor plans, Matterpak bundles, or publishing to Google Street View

Your subscription cost is charged at the beginning of the usage period. This charge is for hosting and usage during that period. Additional product or services are charged at the beginning of the month based on your activity in the previous month. For example, we bill you at the beginning of July for July’s subscription and for additional fees from June (if applicable).

See our pricing at a glance on the Matterport Price List.


Monthly or Yearly Subscription Plans

Subscription plans include processing, hosting, and team collaboration for all of your finished 3D models. Our subscription plans are listed at Learn how to upgrade your cloud plan.

Please change your billing plan three days before the end of the month. Your new plan will take effect next month and will cover usage for the next month.

For example, suppose you change your plan on September 25th. The invoice you receive in October for September's usage will reflect your old plan. This will include any additional usage and a-la-carte processing as explained below.


Simple Example Invoice

Suppose you are on a Professional Monthly plan. In the month of May, you ordered three floor plans and published two spaces to Google Street View. Here’s a simple version of the invoice you will receive on June 1st. All amounts are in USD.

June Invoice
Invoice Item Cost
Software-as-a-Service Hosting for June $69.00
Schematic Floor Plans
  • 3 floor plans ordered in May at $14.99 per model
Publish to Google Street View
  • 2 models published in May at $14.99 per model
Subtotal  $143.95


Tax Policy

North American customers

Some North American customers will now be charged tax against their SasS subscription and additional fees in accordance with the various policies of the different states. Our billing system integrates into a specialized tax service to properly calculate and charge these taxes. This change was made 3/7/19 when we upgraded to the new billing platform.

UK and EMEA customers

Some UK and EMEA customers will also be charged VAT in accordance with the tax rules in each country. We will use the best information we have to properly apply the VAT. The tax rules differ for tangible goods and digital services for each country, which can result in either VAT in the service addressed country or VAT via the Netherlands, from where we ship cameras sold in Europe.

For customers with a valid VAT ID, Matterport submits the ID along with a service address and any applicable product or service information to Avatax to determine the appropriate VAT charge.

Those customers who are required to pay VAT, or new customers who are required to pay VAT through upon a camera and/or plan purchase, may see a VAT charge on their subscription service as of March 7, 2019.

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